Man Dies After Being in Coma for 7 Months Due to Bar Fight

A man died Friday after being in a coma for 7 months because of injuries due to a bar fight.
Adam Baker, 32, sustained injuries when his head hit concrete after being punched once in the jaw by Alexander Tuomisto, 24, outside the Corner Bar in St. Michael, Minn. on May 2, the Star Tribune said.
It is unknown what caused the brawl and Tuomisto, who was already charged with first-degree assault following the incident, will now be charged with one count of second-degree unintentional murder, the Pioneer Press said.
Tuomisto pleaded not guilty to the first-degree assault charge and his lawyers said that Baker's injuries and death were completely unintentional, the Star Tribune said.
Baker is a high school graduate of Stillwater, Minn. and attended college at the University of North Dakota where he served as student body president for a year, the Star Tribune said. Baker was close to finishing up his master's in aviation management at UND and was living in Ohio and working for Delta Air Lines.

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