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South Korean Vessel Sinks near Antarctica

A South Korean fishing trawler sank Monday near Antarctica and at least five crew members were killed. Seventeen are still missing and 20 had been rescued.
The fishing trawler sank around 6:30 a.m. about 1,000 miles north of Ross Island and about 2,600 miles south of New Zealand, the New York Times said.
New Zealand rescue officials said there was no immediate cause of the sinking and that a distress call had not been placed, the New York Times said.
The ship was based in Busan and carried a crew of 42, the Wall Street Journal said.

Elderly Woman Dies after Shark Attack in Red Sea

A 70-year-old German woman died Sunday after a shark attacked her off the coast of the Red Sea's Sharm el-Sheikh resort in Egypt.
The woman, whose name has not been released, died almost instantly because the shark tore off her arm while she was swimming near shore, USA Today said.
The attack was the fifth in a string of shark attacks around the same area within the week. The other attacks resulted in another elderly woman's hand getting torn off and a woman's leg getting torn off, USA Today said.
Sunday's attack came after a 48 hour ban on entering the waters was lifted Saturday. Two sharks had been captured and killed during the ban and authorities were confident that another attack would not happen, the Guardian said.
Environmental experts said that the attacks are occurring as a result of the Red Sea's dwindling ecosystem and overfishing, USA Today said.

Miners Trapped in China Flood

At least 28 people were trapped Sunday in a coal mine because of flooding near Neijiang city in China.
Thirteen of the 41 miners escaped the coal mine, which has had an estimated 141,000 cubic feet of water trapping them, BBC News said.
Rescuers have begun pumping water out of the mine shaft and medical rescuers are standing by for medical assistance, the India Times said.

Explosion at Mexican Resort Kills Seven

An explosion at a resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico killed at least seven people Sunday.
At least five Canadian tourists, including a 9-year-old boy, and two hotel staff members are dead because of an explosion of natural gas Sunday around 9:30 a.m. at the Grand Princess Riviera Hotel in Playa del Carmen, CTV News said.
At least 15 other people are injured, BBC News said.
The explosion is said to have occurred because of a buildup of natural gas from a swampy area underneath the hotel's foundation that somehow ignited, BBC News said.
The hotel's floor was said to have been blasted through the ceiling and there was debris everywhere. The hotel had 676 rooms, CTV News said.

Lions Kill Man in Zimbabwe

Lions killed a man in Zimbabwe while he was showering at a fishing campground.
Peter Evershed, 59, was on a fishing trip with three other people and was killed while showering under a tree at the Chitake Springs campground, the Guardian said.
The three other people heard Evershed screaming and the lions retreated after a safari vehicle pulled up with its headlights shining, the Guardian said.
There were a string of animal killings in Africa recently, and officials said illegal poaching has had a lot to do with it, according to BBC.

Rwanda Hotel Manager Faces Scrutiny

A Rwanda hotel manager, which the film "Hotel Rwanda" was based off of, was accused Tuesday of funding a rebel extremist group.
Paul Rusesabagina was accused Tuesday of financing terrorist activities. Authorities said he sent money to the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, the New York Times said.
Rusesabagina said the government was trying to slander him for not supporting President Paul Kagame, BBC News said.

Seven Dead in Kenyan Stampede

Seven football fans died Saturday trying to enter a stadium to watch a football match between Kenya's two most popular teams.
CBS News said that six people died while trying to enter the Nyayo National Stadium and got run over by the crowd and one more died at the Kenyatta National Hospital.
Access to the football match at the stadium was limited which got the crowd anxious and they tried to force their way in, BBC said.
The football match was between Gor Mahia and the AFC Leopards, which continued as planned despite the stampede and deaths, BBC said.

Chilean Miners Rescued

The 33 Chilean miners, trapped in a mine for 69 days, were rescued late Wednesday night.
It took around 22 hours to get all 33 miners out of the mine successfully through an engineered rescue shaft, MSNBC said.
The scene of the rescue was extremely emotional and it took each man 15 minutes to reach the surface from 2,000 feet below ground, the Los Angeles Times said.
Almost all of Chile was captivated by the rescue and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was at the scene to welcome each miner back above ground, MSNBC said.

Drill Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners

A drill finally reached the trapped Chilean miners Saturday and rescue attempts will be made beginning as early as Wednesday.
However, there are some logistical problems with the shaft that the miners would have to travel up because the rescue capsule could cause even more collapse to the mine if it catches on the rock walls of the shaft, the New York Times said.
Efforts to reinforce the rock walls of the rescue shaft are underway by engineer teams from around the world. The engineers have begun welding together sixteen metal tubes to line the rescue shaft, BBC said.
The rescue shaft is approximately two feet wide and rescue teams are anticipating complications, the New York Times said.
The miners have been trapped in the San Jose mine for 65 days, according to BBC.

China Sends Rocket to Moon

China is attempting to become a larger space power by efforts to send a man to the moon by launching a second lunar probe Friday.
The rocket launched from the province Sichuan around 7 p.m. and will fly as close as 9.3 miles above the surface of the moon, MSNBC said.
China is competing with Japan and India to become the biggest power in space and has now become the third country behind the U.S. and Russia to put a man in space, MSNBC said.
The satellite is expected to reach the moon in about five days and is the second Chinese lunar probe to be launched after the first one was in 2007, according to BBC.

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