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Fashion Designer Found Dead in New York Hotel

An increasingly popular swimsuit designer was found dead in an overflowing bathtub Thursday in her New York City hotel.
Sylvie Cachay, 33, was found dead with red marks on her neck, a bitemark on her hand, and bloodshot eyes in an overflowing bathroom at her hotel room in the SoHo House, the New York Daily News said.
Cachay, who created the high-end Syla swimwear collection, was discovered by hotel staff after occupants below her room reported water leaking through the ceiling, the Washington Post said.
Cachay had been staying at the exclusive SoHo House for the week because there was a small fire in her apartment bedroom, the Washington Post said.
Cachay's 24-year-old boyfriend of six months, Nicholas Brooks, has been charged with attempted murder and strangulation, the New York Daily News said.
There was not a sign of a struggle in the room and there were prescription bottles found, the Washington Post said.

Unabomber's Land for Sale in Montana

The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's Montana property is up for sale for an asking price of $69,500.
The 1.4-acre spread of land is marketed with the slogan "own a piece of U.S. history," the Toronto Sun said.
The property is described as "obviously secluded" and does not have running water or electricity. Kaczynski was said to be opposed to technology, CBS News said.
The Unabomber is currently serving a life sentence in prison for killing three people and injuring 23 others from mail bombings between 1978 and 1995, the Toronto Sun said.

Prince William Announces Engagement to Kate Middleton

Prince William announced his engagement Tuesday to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton.
The prince proposed to Middleton in October when the two were on vacation in Kenya, BBC News said.
Middleton, who is not of royal or aristocratic blood, and the prince met in college at St. Andrews University in Scotland. The two have been dating for nearly a decade, the New York Times said.
Prince William requested permission of Middleton's father to marry her. He gave her his mother Princess Diana's sapphire and diamond wedding ring that his father had given her, the New York Times said.
The two will marry in either spring or summer of 2011 and a venue has not yet been announced. They will make their home in north Wales, BBC News said.
The year 2011 will mark what would have been the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles's 30 year wedding anniversary, the New York Times said.

Michigan Group Wins $129 Million

A group of family and friends from Michigan won $129 million from a lottery ticket bought at a local porn shop.
Mike Greer collected the money on behalf of the rest of the group, who chose to remain anonymous, the Daily Mail said.
Greer did not specify how many people were included in the group, but said it had more than two members and less than 100, CBS News said.
Greer said he was not the one who purchased the winning ticket from the Uptown Bookstore porn shop in the Highland Park area of Detroit, CBS News said.
Greer also said that a good portion of the money will be donated to a church, the Daily Mail said.

World's Believed Oldest Person Dies

A 114-year-old woman, believed to be the world's oldest person, died Thursday on St. Barts island.
Eugenie "Sweets" Blanchard, died early Thursday in the Bruyn Hospital where she had lived for 30 years on St. Barts island. Blanchard was also born in St. Barts in 1896, CBS News said.
She lived much of her life as a nun in a convent on the island of Curacao until she returned home to St. Barts at the age of 60 and began living in a nursing home, the New York Daily News said.
Blanchard took the title of world's oldest person on May 2, 2010 when Kama Chinen, Japan, died just shy of her 115th birthday, CBS News said.

Former State Trooper Killed in Crash

A Longville former state trooper was killed Friday while not wearing a seatbelt after he lost control of his truck.
Timothy J. Murphy, 52, was killed around 8 p.m. on Hwy. 84 near Longville after he lost control of his truck and hit a tree while not wearing his seatbelt, the Star Tribune said.
Murphy retired from being a state trooper in 2008 and spent 26 years with the patrol. He also worked as an accident reconstructionist for a time, the Brainerd Dispatch said.
State Patrol Lt. Erik Roeske said this accident demonstrated that everyone faces the possibility of death as a result of not wearing a seatbelt, the Brainerd Dispatch said.

Judge Allows 17-Year-Olds to Marry without Parental Consent

An Ohio judge allowed two 17-year-olds to marry Tuesday without the pregnant bride's parental consent.
Gabrielle Squeglia, 17, and Dustin Mitchell Goldman, 17, were married by a judge Tuesday who waived the parental consent requirement because Squeglia said she was pregnant and scared her parents would force her into getting an abortion, MSNBC said.
Squeglia's mother said she is outraged about the judge waiving the requirement and said she has not pushed her daughter into an abortion, the Columbus Dispatch said.
Squeglia said she felt that her unborn child was in danger and said that Children Services had been called in the past by Squeglia, her principal, and the school social worker, the Columbus Dispatch said.
The groom's father said he is supportive of the couple and allowed them to move in with him and his wife, the Columbus Dispatch said.

St. Cloud Woman Falls out of Second Story Window

A 20-year-old drunk St. Cloud State University student fell out of a second story apartment window early Thursday trying to catch her cat.
Alycia Kroll was smoking near an open window and fell out of it while trying to get her cat that was out on the ledge, the Star Tribune said.
Kroll was brought to St. Cloud Hospital without life-threatening injuries, the Pioneer Press said.

10/10/10 Attracts Thousands of Weddings

The date 10/10/10 has led many wedding venues and chapels to prepare for an expected tenfold increase in marriages than typical Sundays.
Many couples have been waiting for up to two years to get married on 10/10/10, the Reno Gazette-Journal said.
The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has 150 wedding chapels planned and had to employ extra Elvis impersonators for the day, the New York Times said.
More than 39,000 couples are going to be wed between early Sunday morning and late Sunday night, the New York Times said.

Oakland Police Kill Family Pet

The Oakland police force is facing public scrutiny after an officer shot and killed a family's 11-year-old Labrador Tuesday when responding to a burglar alarm that the Lab accidently tripped.
The Labrador, Gloria, reportedly growled, barked, and approached the officers in a threatening manner and the shooting was necessary, according to the Oakland Tribune.
However, Gloria's family said that she was never violent and was very gentle. She also had arthritis, USA Today said.
Gloria was shot three times and one of the bullets hit her in the head and killed her. Police spokesman Jeff Thomason defended the police officers responsible, saying they were following procedure, the Oakland Tribune said.
Gloria's owners were out running errands when she tripped the alarm and the police officers left a note on the door explaining what had happened, the Oakland Tribune said.

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