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Wine as Raffle Prizes

We've all been to an event where someone is raffling wine off as a raffle prize. How does this all work? Apparently, the first thing to note is that there are laws and regulations governing raffles. Click here for all the rules.

Non-profit organizations can try to fundraise by having wine as a prize. The exact language of the statute can be found here.

I like participating in organizing events to raise money for charities I believe in so this information is good to know. In a handbook provided by Minnesota's Alcohol and Gambling Enforcemnt Division, they note these items:

An organization may award wine, beer, or intoxicating liquors as a raffle prize if:

• funds from the raffle are dedicated to the charitable purposes of the organization;
• the number of raffles or silent auctions at which alcohol is awarded is limited to not more
than six occasions per year; and
• the alcohol may only be raffled to persons who demonstrate that they are 21 years of age or older and do not show signs of obvious intoxication.

The law that allows alcohol prizes at raffles does not authorize on premise consumption of alcohol. So, make sure the winners don't turn around and chug down that bottle of wine unless you've already applied for the appropriate licenses.


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