Boalt has a Wine Law Course...

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I may be wrong, but it seems that Boalt is the only law school that has a wine law course. And I'm very impressed with all the information it covers: Prohibition, 21st Amendment jurisprudence to regulatory systems, wine labeling, appellations of origin, land-use planning and international trade policy. Professor Mendelson teaches this course. His bio is very interesting.

It would be interesting to get a panel started at the University of Minnesota Law School. I don't know who to talk with about this first. Perhaps I can talk to Dean Keyes to get things started. I want it to have a very "Minnesota" focus.

My current vision: I see so many student organizations working on this. I can talk with the Business Law Association as there is a definite business aspect to this. I can also get the Real Estate Law Association involved because there are land-use issues that would be of interest to many students. Also - the potential international trade policies/business issues. How exciting to think of exporting Minnesota wine to China! Also, I want to get the U of M Wine Grape Breeding Program involved. So far, the University of Minnesota has four grape varieties: Frontenac, Frontenac gris, La Crescent, and Marquette. It would be interesting to get them to talk about the research and perhaps get the University of Minnesota general counsel involved to discuss the trademarking/licensing components. Also the large community as well. I am sure the Minnesota Grape Grower's Association would have a lot to add. I would have to look up other types of associations as well - I am sure wine shops, wineries, etc. all have legal issues that I could focus on. I think the overall topic should be about Minnesota's growing wine industry. Also it would be great to promote the wine industry to faculty, staff and students. Not everyone knows how innovative Minnesota wine is...I mean c'mon...this stuff grows in the frost! Cooler than "Ah Bing" cherries. I can also bring in the people from the Institute of Justice that helped fight for Minnesotans to be able to advertise and order wines online. I am excited...I'm going to e-mail Dean Keyes straight away.

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