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My name is Meagan Hunstad. At the University of Minnesota Duluth, my major emphasis has been Digital Art and Photography, with a minor in Film Studies. This online exhibit is the capstone of my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. From early childhood, art has been important in my life. My mom is an independent muralist and my dad is a computer architect, designing how computers communicate with one another. My path intertwines the best of both these worlds: digital filmmaking. Although I have had difficulties in my life, my core inspiration has always remained my older sister and parents. We have developed a closer bond throughout the changes of life. Without my past experiences I would not make the art I do, because I would be a different person today. That is what I try to express, intertwining the past and present to create works that are equally as layered as life is. This is why I chose to showcase my films dealing with human experiences and community.

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