Documentary Project 1

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For my first experience with the art of documentary filmmaking, I had the pleasure of working with a fellow student, Alex Leone. In "1325: Home of the Arch" we researched the history of a single house in Duluth Minnesota and interviewed its recent rental occupants. In the process we discovered what makes a house a home. This project was the first stepping-stone in which I began to work with capturing the people of the community. I wanted to use a classic documentary style to document a real moment in the human experience. Starting out on the project I was concerned that the college men interviewed would just be typical party boys. However, after interviews and editing you get to see the sweet side in which four regular college students dealt with the transitional period from their hometown to their own new living situation. This is the same experience all college students experience at some point; the moment you create a new kind of family. Here you get to see this transition from living in house with roommates to thinking of them as another family, making that space not just a house but a home. I enjoy working with others in the community to help reflect my own life as well. During the time of filming I was also moving from my hometown house of sixteen years. This film was a way to experiment with my own feelings. I got to see how others see the idea that at the time was also impacting my own life as well.

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