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My second look into documentary filmmaking began the summer of 2011. I worked as an intern for a public access television at South Washington County Telecommunication Commission (SWCTC) located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Working in a public format, I was able to interact with people of the community in a different way. In doing so, I learned to move out of my comfort zone, interviewing public figures and community members I had never meet before. This challenged me to further develop my interview and camerawork skills. Here are two packages that I made for the weekly newscast program, "Weekly Wire".

For the July 29, 2011 issue of "Weekly Wire", I went to a National Hockey League (NHL) game in which NHL players from different teams came together to host signing autographs for fans and play a charity game.

For the August 5, 2011 issue of "Weekly Wire", I documented a rare opportunity in which regular kids have the chance to work with different coaches in the off-season of basketball each week to refine their skills.

As a photojournalist at SWCTC, I worked on teams but was also given the responsibility to conduct complete videos independently. In both videos, I conducted the following: location interviews, camera work, and sound recording. I also did all the video and sound editing, and the complete package export. I learned so much from my internship about how to build a story using different camera angles, still and moving shots. I also learned how to interview people in the community to tell a story in a short format appropriate for broadcast.

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