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"Cutting Edge: The Magic of the Movie Editor"

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"Cutting Edge: The Magic of the Movie Editor" made in 2007 is a documentary about the film editor. This is important to me because I hope to be a film editor someday. I love working on films, putting together pieces of a puzzle to make artwork. It truly makes me happy. This film was a good indicator of how films woud not be what they are withut the editor to put the pieces together to create nan emotional impact to the viewers.

The film started out with the history of film and how D.W. Griffith and Porter had such an impact into todays society and the different film devices used such a s parallel action in which two things are happening at once and are cut back and forth. For example in the film; "The Great Train Robbery" cuts back to the girl in distress on the train tracks and the hero in hope to save her. This action lets the viewer know what is happening on both sides and is used everywhere.

I loved that they included interviews from directors to editors and actors, all to give the feel of what an editor does and how helpful they are. Hitchcock knew in his films that people hate not knowing what comes next and this is exactly what editing can do. It can change the scene, cutting it before the audience knows what happens. It takes intuition of tension to build a scene and to create tension for an emotional response and get the viewer to believe in what they are seeing.

Most directors stated that they wouldn't be anywhere without their editors, because without them no matter how good the story is, the music, the shots, all this cannot be used to its full extent if there is not a good editor to put all the pieces together.

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