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Diversity Demo Embeded

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Here are the two rough videos:

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Screen Shot of Final Cut Express Diversity Project Long

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Diversity Update

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I have almost finished both the long and short version of the Diversity video. I need to add some music, check the audio levels, and make sure my photos do not zoom in and out too fast. I'm happy with the piece so far and I think it does a good job showing diversity not only on campus but Duluth and the world in general. It's been fun so far!

Still Shot 2

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Here is a still shot from the second interview with myself.

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 11.36.37 PM.png

Interview One

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Here is a still shot from my first interview.

Short Diversity Video

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Here is the link to the shorter version that Kathy wanted and would be a good edition to the longer version.

Diversity Demo

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Here is the link to my Vimeo account where I have uploaded the rough version to the longer version of the film. In the spaces in between will be where the individual interviews will take place.

Stock Footage

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I am having difficulties getting good stock footage fo different individuals. I have taken many at school of both still and moving images. However, I need more. I have reached out to my friends on facebook and hope to be able to gain more photos. In addition, I have talked to a department on campus in hope of stock footage over the years. I plan to contact the head of the Multicultural Center as well.

Second Interview

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My second interview was of one of my roommates; Chelsey Cannata. She had such insight and good choice of words to describe how people think of diversity not only on campus but in the world. She talks about what makes her different and unique. She did an excellent job and I can't wait to start editing and shooting more footage to place over her words. I think it will be a wonderful addition to the long version of the film.

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