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I chose to write about the lead in the article from NPR.

The lead is somewhat general, but it keeps the reader wanting to know more. It starts off talking about President Obama welcoming the Chinese President to the White House. It also mentions that a group of students from the Yu Ying school joined them.

The lead gives detailed facts about where the school is, what the school is, and why the school is notable, stating that it is the first Chinese immersion school in the nation's capital.

The immediate mention of President Obama also intrigues the reader as to how he's connected to Americans learning more Chinese.

This lead works as a setup for the rest of the story, which goes on to give more specific facts about the school and its students.

Magnet School Saved From Closing By St. Paul District

A year round St. Paul arts magnet school, Four Seasons Elementary, will continue to stay open after facing closure, according to The Star Tribune.

The decision was made by Superintendent Valeria Silva, and was announced Wednesday night. Silva said that the school must be re-located and it can no longer run year round.

Plans for ending busing to students is in the future as well, CBS reports.

The school board will decide the entire plans last actions in March.

A wire that powers the light-rail fell Thursday morning, causing a halt of Mpls light-rail service, Star Tribune reports.

The high-voltage wire broke near the Metrodome. There was no fire, and no one was hurt.

"[An] overhead power supply line broke at the downtown east Metrodome station so we have no electricity, and the electricity powers the train," Bob Gibbons, Metro Transit spokesperson said . "So we have buses that are replacing the trains in the downtown area." (MPR).

Gibbons estimates that the light-rail service should be up and running by rush hour.

Growing Number Of Americans Learning Their ABC's In Chinese

Washington D.C.'s Yu Ying Chinese immersion elementary school is one of the first in the nation's capital, as well as one of only a small amount in the United States, NPR reported.

According to CBS News, only 50,000 Americans are learning Chinese. Whereas in China, there are 200 million students learning English.

However, the number of Americans learning the Chinese language has increased within the past ten years, believed to be attributed to the nations growing economic ties with China. Chinese classes are being offered in more elementary and high schools.

Yu Ying immersion school was opened three years ago by a group of parents. It has 240 students. "Yu Ying" means "nurturing excellence" in Chinese. (NPR)

Is 100 Percent Renewable Energy Attainable By 2030?

A recent report in the journal Energy Policy said that in less than 20 years, the world can achieve renewable energy if the right steps are made. (HuffPost)

PhysOrg explains that fossil fuels account for 80 percent of our energy supply. Therefore, In order to attain 100 percent renewable energy, it is estimated that 4 million wind turbines and 90,000 large solar power plants are needed, Sustainable Business News reports.

Mark Delucchi, one of the writers in the Energy Policy journal, and Mark Jacobson, Delucchi's colleague, are confident that a 2030 renewable energy goal is achievable.

The only obstacle for the development of wind turbines and solar power plants is acquiring rare earth materials, which more mining and recycling can help increase. All other resources are believed to be available.

Woman Lives After Falling 23 Stories

An Argentine woman, 30, was seen jumping 23 stories from her hotel in Buenos Aires Monday, CBS News reports.

It was estimated that she fell 330 feet, landing on the roof of a taxi in a seated position. The driver was able to escape just before the woman hit, causing serious damage to herself and the taxi, The Huffington Post reports.

Juan Carlos Candame, a different taxi driver, talked with Associated Press Television News about the accident: "I looked up and I saw a girl that was going over the railing while another person was talking to her," Candame said. "Then she walked to the edge, went back to talk to the other person, then she turned around and she jumped." (HuffPost)

The woman was taken to the hospital and is being treated with a broken hip and ribs, as well as internal bleeding.

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