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A University of Minnesota senior was killed while riding her bike when a truck hit her turning right on 4th and 15th Avenue SE, the Star Tribune reported.

The woman was a senior in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, and was dead at the scene.

The truck driver was given a preliminary breath test which showed no signs of alcohol consumption after he quickly pulled over after the accident.

Police are determined to step up bicycle safety and the rules of the road.

Texting While Driving Hard To Enforce

State Troopers in Minneapolis are finding it hard to enforce texting while driving, the Star Tribune reported.

Troopers were trying out an exercise of monitoring texting drivers on 394 west of downtown Minneapolis.

Only one was given a warning for texting messaging, when 50 drivers were stopped.

The law was made a petty misdemeanor in 2008, and since then almost 1,600 Minnesota drivers have been cited for texting.

Grain Belt Sign Target For Graffiti

The opposite side of the Grain Belt bottle cap sign in downtown Minneapolis has had the problem of being constantly defaced by graffiti, the Star Tribune reported.

The sign has been a classic symbol of the city, being up for more than 70 years.

However, the sign's owner is deciding whether or not he should keep paying for the sign due to its regular defacement.

The Daphne R. Eastman Family Trust said that money spent on removing graffiti could be spent on repairing the iconic sign.

Massive Boulder Falls On Bakery

St. Paul Bakery Bread, Coffee, & Cake was destroyed Friday morning when a fallen boulder rock smashed into the roof, the Pioneer Press reported.

The boulder was 20 feet long, and fell from a bluff near the Wabasha caves.

The owner Robert Dubuc came to the bakery around 2:30 a.m. to bake and found his bakery demolished.

Although his bakery was demolished, Dubuc still managed to save his sourdough starter.

St. Paul Mom And Five Kids Escape House Fire

A fire started late Wednesday night from sparks that flew from an electric heater in St. Paul, the Star Tribune reported.

A mother and her five kids ages 3 to 14 got out in time, the dad arriving home from work and trying to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher to no avail.

Firefighters managed to keep the fire from spreading to the neighbors home.

The family's house and all their belongings were destroyed.

Title X Subsidy For Planned Parenthood Not Used On Abortion

Title X is a program that spends around $3.5 million each year to Minnesota to fund family planning clinics all over the state, said the Star Tribune.

The program is restricted by law to use the money for abortions, although in many abortion arguments in politics it says it does.

Around 52,000 Minnesotans get care from Planned Parenthood, who shares the money with 25 clinics throughout the state.

Sarah Stoesz, president of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota said that most of the money spent in Planned Parenthood is on birth control and cancer screenings, not abortions.

Minneapolis' Pothole Problem Gets More Spending

Due to Minneapolis' pothole problem, up to $1 million will be available to speed up the pothole repairs, the Star Tribune reports.

Crews should begin repairing the potholes by Tuesday because of the City Council's vote to approve extra spending Friday.

The large amount of potholes are due to Minneapolis' very harsh winter.

Almost half of the money used for the pothole repairs is coming out of the city's 2010 left-over budget.

Brewery Plans To Open Near Target Field In Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis is planning to open its only brewery near Target Field, the Star Tribune reports.

What started as a garage-based hobby with four friends will now be a 6,000-square-foot space of business called Fulton Brewery.

Fulton Brewery hopes to establish a name for themselves being in close proximity to Target Field in downtown Minneapolis.

"We didn't want to build something that was out and away from it all," he said. "We wanted to be in the heart of the city where Fulton drinkers work, live and play," said Fulton co-founder Ryan Petz. (Star Tribune)

Hiawatha Public Works Building Wins For Being Green

The new Hiawatha public works building in Minneapolis has won a platinum rating for its green construction, The Star Tribune reported.

The building uses the sun for light and it made out of almost all recycled materials. It also uses the earth for its heating and cooling system.

The U.S. Green Building Council awarded the highest possible rating, platinum, through its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program.

Because of its green construction, the building will be spending much less on energy.

Experts Say Measles Vaccine Is Safe

Health experts spent their time at a Somali community forum Saturday night trying to convince the weary that the measles vaccine is necessary, The Star Tribune said.

A vaccine clinic was set up behind the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis, no one were waiting in line.

There were fears that the measles vaccine causes autism, but the experts said it is something other than the vaccine.

A current measles outbreak in Hennepin County prompted the meeting, which more than 50 people showed up for. Eleven people, including five Somali children, suffered from the outbreak.

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