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No Deaths in St. Louis Tornado

The St. Louis area tornado destroyed nearly 100 homes and was te strongest in 44 years, but no one was killed or seriously hurt, the Star Tribune reported.

The tornado hit an airport and shattered most of its windows at the main terminal, yet the airport was able to open again less than 24 hours later.

No deaths and the airport reopening so quickly after the tonado was said to be because of the early warnings, common sense, and good timing.

There was a 34 minute warning before the tornado struck, which many say that that warning saved lives.

Is Hemp Good For The Environment?

Health advocates say that hemp is beneficial for the environment, and that U.S. farmers should be allowed be grow it, the Washington Post reported.

The legal issue would be that hemp is very similar to marijuana, the only difference being the concentration of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.

Hemp can be used to grown for seed or fiber. The seed contains milk, oil, and other food products, whereas fiber can be used for paper and clothing.

A federal judge in Idaho blocked a proposal lifting the endangered species protection of wolves in Montana and Idaho, the Star Tribune reported.

If the plan had passed, it would have resulted in around 1,300 wolves being hunted in the two states.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy said he couldn't approve the propposed settlement because not everyone approved associated agreed with it, reported the Associated Press

U.S wildlife officials and conservation groups have been protesting against the proposal.

Florida Pastor Burns Koran

Florida pastor Terry Jones burned a Koran and broadcasted it to the Muslim world after he promised to never burn Islamic holy books again in September of 2010, The Daily Beast reported.

This broadcast caused uproar in the muslim world, Afghans rioting in the street, leaving people injured and five dead.

Jones does not take an responsibility for the deaths. He feels vindicated.

Despite Court Order; Wis. Union Law Takes Effect

Wisconsin Republicans claim that union law should take effect Saturday because a state office posted it online despite court orders, NPR reports.

The court order was posted by the head of the office, which temporarily blocks the laws implementation.

Confusion came to many public workers when the Legislative Reference Bureau posted the law online Friday, ignoring the court order.

Before the law to take effect, Secretary of State Doug La Follette must have it published, but the court orders restricts him from doing so.

Millions Of Dead Fish Wash Up On Redondo Beach

In a Southern California marina, around one million anchovies washed up dead on the shore Tuesday, reported the Huffington Post.

The most plausible explanation is that the fish got lost and suffocated because they depleted the water of oxygen.

These depleted oxygen levels could point to a "red tide" of algae or plankton infestation, reported The Daily News.

City officials calculated the clean up at around $100,000.

Obama: "Gadhafi Must Go"

President Obama said Thursday that "Gadhafi must step down from power and leave," reported the Star Tribune.

Obama mentioned an option of a no-fly zone over Libya, in order to keep Gadhafi air forces from bombing protesters.

Obama has also approved the usage of U.S. military aircraft to help evacuate refugees from the violence in Libya.

"I have, therefore, approved the military aircraft to help move Egyptians who have fled to the Tunisian border to get back home to Egypt. I've authorized USAID to charter additional civilian aircraft to help people from other countries to find their way home. And we're supporting the efforts of international organizations," Obama said. (NationalJournal)

Long Wait For Wisconsin Senate Standoff

The Wisconsin union rights bill that has caused major prostests shows no signs of resolving anytime soon, reported the Pioneer Press.

The 14 Senate Democrats left so there would be one member short needed to vote for the union rights bill, and they have yet to come back or compromise a deal with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The Senate passed a resolution Wednesday to charge a $100 fine each day the Democrats are not at work in Wisconsin.

The bill will eliminate collective bargaining for union workers as well as increase in pay for pensions and healthcare, reported the CSMonitor.

Fish Survive By Evolving To Cope With Dangerous Chemicals

A strange fish has been discovered by scientists that appear to have evolved in order to survive being exposed dangerous chemicals in New York and New Jersey rivers, NPR reported.

The fish look like cod, except they are smaller. The fish are swimming with dangerous chemicals, including PCBs and dioxins that were dumped into the Hudson by General Electric companies between 1947 and 1976.

Some fish survived because of their resistant gene and had genetic advantage over the other fish who died.

Richard Di Giulio, a Toxicologist studying fish at Duke University, makes the point that pollution has driven evolution.

Chris Lee Resigns Because Of Craigslist Photos

New York Representative Chris Lee has resigned Wednesday because of shirtless Craigslist photos, the Huffington Post reports.

Rep. Lee is a two term republican and married. It was reported that he answered an ad on Craigslist from a woman who posted in the "Women for Men" section. He said he was a 39-year-old lobbyist. He is 46. (New York Times)

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