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Southern Theater Struggling To Stay Open

The Southern Theater in Minneapolis must raise $400,000 by April 30 to stay open, the Star Tribune reported.

The Southern Theater is home to eventful music, dance and theater in the Twin Cities and is in a financial crisis to keeps its doors open.

The Southern sent out an urgent message on its Website pleading for contributions to save the theater.

It recently lost its major backer, the McKnight Foundation when grants were used for theater operating expenses instead of for individual artists.

Town Tricked By Woman's Story of Service

A 2009 graduate of Cass Lake High School told her town that she was hurt in Afghanistan, but she wasn't even in the military, the Star Tribune reported.

Elizabeth McKenzie was welcomed home last month when she came to her high school in her Army uniform.

McKenzie told the town that she had many close calls and an injury which was why she was brought home, none of which was true.

The 20-year-old had never been in the military, to Afghanistan or injured in war, and she has been cited for impersonating an officer.

Oldest Federal Judge Still Hearing Cases

Wesley Brown is 103-years-old and he is still hearing cases and is the oldest federal judge in the nation, the Huffington Post reported.

Brown has been a judge for 49 years and is now in a wheelchair, and is one of the four federal judges appointed by President Kennedy still working.

According to a federal court database, at least eight other judges are in their nineties, but Brown is six years older than the next oldest sitting federal judge.

"I do it to be a public service," Brown said. "You got to have a reason to live. As long as you perform a public service, you have a reason to live." (Huffington Post)

Eighth Grader Makes Anti-Bullying Video; Goes Viral

Alye Pollack, and eighth grader from Connecticut posted an anti-bullying video that has made an impact on her fellow students, the Huffington Post reported.

The video went viral, getting the attention of news stations like CBS and viewers. The video has been watched over 280,000 times since Friday.

Pollack is surprised the video has been seen by so many people. She had considered cutting herself before the deal with bullying before she made this video.

Radio Shack Giving Out Free Gun With Purchase

The Hamilton, Montana Radio Shack is giving out a free gun with a purchase of Dish Network, the Huffington Post reports.

Since the promotion started business has tripled, says proprietor Steve Strand.

Customers must go through a background check before they receive their gun. If customers don't qualify or choose to opt-out, they receive a $50 coupon to Pizza Hut instead.

A promotional sign outside the store reads "Protect yourself with the Dish Network. Sign up now, get a free gun."

Bill Gates Gives Away Billions; No Longer Worlds Richest Man

Experts say Bill Gates put billions of his money into his charitable foundation last year, causing him to lose his status as the richest man in the world, the Huffington Post reported.

Focusing on global health and development and U.S. education, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation now owns more than a third of Gates wealth.

Gates, now ranked third richest in the world, is worth $58 billion, Forbes reported.

Accidental 911 Calls Cost Police Time and Money

When you accidentally call 911 and hang up before a dispatcher can answer, they will send a squad car to you home to check for an emergency, which results in thousands of dollars lost throughout the year, reported the Star Tribune.

Ramsey County had 5,731 calls that hung up before the dispatcher could answer last year.

3,745 hangup calls were responded to by St. Paul police, most of them accidental.

It is best to stay on the line and explain your mistake, authorities said.

"It's almost impossible to hang up fast enough to prevent that call from being routed to the dispatcher," said Scott Williams, director of the county's Emergency Communications Center. "It makes our job easier if you stay on the line. We won't yell at you." (Star Tribune)

Pizza Delivery Woman Saves Elderly Woman's Life

A pizza delivery woman from Memphis, Tennessee likely saved a customer's life Monday, WMCTV5 reported.

Susan Guy, the pizza delivery driver, said she was suspicious when Memphis resident Jean Wilson hadn't made a call for a pizza in 3 days, since she had been ordering pizza daily for three years.

Guy told her manager that she was going to go over to Wilson's house to check on her. After knocking on her door several times and checking with a neighbor who hadn't seen her, Guy called 911.

Wilson had fallen and couldn't get up, the Huffington Post said.

84-Year-Old Man Survives Five Days In Desert

An 84-year-old survived five days stranded in an Arizona desert, the Huffington Post reports.

Henry Morello, a chicago native, was driving to his home near Phoenix when he took a wrong turn and ended up in a ditch, his phone going dead minutes later, NBC reported.

Morello used floor mats to stay warm and drank windshield wiper fluid that he attempted to filter with a napkin to stay hydrated.

Hikers found him five days later. They saw the missing person signs that his friends and relatives put out.

New Downtown New York Skyscraper

New Yorkers have been following the construction of the new skyscraper on 8 Spruce Street near City Hall, New York Times reports.

The Spruce Street project will be Frank Gehry's, the buildings architech, first skyscraper.

The building is almost completed, and New York Times said that it symbolizes the turning point from the modern age to the digital age.

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