June 5, 2006


Cheney_AP Chris Park.jpg
(AP Photo/Chris Park)

Old Dick, Grumpy Dick
Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick
You Son of a Bitch

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November 18, 2005


whew(AP PhotoSusan Walsh).jpg
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

It's really hard work
It is a very tough job
Being President

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June 22, 2005

Lonely Show

(AP/Photographer Unknown)

Haiku by Lee Howard:
No more tanks to climb,
No more too-drunk-for-Ireland:
It's a lonely show.

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(Image by William Blake)

Haiku by Lee Howard:
In his cave of self—horror:
Do not be like him.

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June 21, 2005

Rumsfeld and Cheney, 1975

(Photographer Unknown)

rumsfeld and cheney
in 1975
can you feel the love?

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Sad Saddam

(AP Photo/Iraqi Special Tribunal)

sad saddam hussein
thinks about his palaces
spider holes and sons

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