October 28, 2004

PJ @ 16 mths.

I'm behind in updating - things are a whirlwind even more than normal it seems. Perhaps things have backed up to the point they need to be addressed. We haven't had time to figure out what's going on, but it's zany. And this update won't have a pic, since they're at home, but I will try to get one posted soon; after all Halloween is coming up and I'll need to post a pic of PJ in his costume!

He has started standing on his own from a crawling position and can walk a couple steps before he chickens out. He can walk with no problem if we let him hold our hand or a finger. He also started pointing to things and saying, "Wa da?" as in "What's that?" His ya and na (yes and no) have gotten very specific. He understands many words and some concepts, for example when he starts to play with his food we ask, "All done?" and he'll say, "ya". He can climb up stairs but getting back down is a different concept altogether! (Quite scary!)

The other day he started wrestling with his stuffed animals like he and I wrestle. (He alternated between wrestling and giving them hugs). He makes this cute "raaaar" sound and thrashes his head a little like a lion - which is his costume this year btw. His Great-Aunt Julie got it for him last year - can't wait to see him in it. Don't worry, I'll post a picture!

He is really into his "Little People" videos right now. We watch them a bit before bedtime. They're pretty good, but we need to get more - we are memorizing the whole tapes! He will go into our bedroom and try to figure out the VCR and TV to get them to play - he almost did it yesterday! After part of the video (they have 4 segments on each tape and we have 2 tapes), one of us takes him into his room to give him some more milk and read. Then it's off to "nigh-nigh"! He likes to play in his crib now before dozing off - sometimes he'll throw a little tantrum though.

My favorite book to read to him is "Where the Wild Things Are" which is probably not a huge surprise to most of you. :) During the day when we read to him, he likes the current month's animal magazine that Silje got him and a book about fireman from the Golden Book Classics, etc.

He also seems to be getting into airplanes. If he hears that rumbling sound in the sky he immediately looks for the plane and sometimes points to it. He says some word then, but I haven't made it out yet - whatever he's saying it is his word for airplane!

His favorite game right now is "nose beeping". He'll touch your nose and then you have to make a "beep" sound. If he grabs it, you have to "honk". We also have fun at the grocery store with the "crazy cart"! I have to be careful I don't clock some poor old lady while we're whirling around the store! He also loves to be chased and caught, especially by Mommy.

He's written a couple new songs too. In addition to his ever popular "Daddy, Daddy, Dad?", he now has a song called "Deedle Deedle" and another one that is as yet untitled.

Nigh-Nigh! (I wish...I'm sleepy!) :)

Posted by hunte046 at October 28, 2004 12:40 PM