April 10, 2006

Elliott Cash Hunter

I am an uncle! Through marriage I've been an uncle for sometime now - it's a bit different though because they are pretty much the same age as me! :) Elliott is a darling little fellow and a blessing to our family. We were trying to figure out what color Elliott's eyes were; PJ thought they looked green and called Elliot a "green crayon".

Here are some pics (thanks to Blake and Kristen - I forgot my camera again! I love the pic of PJ reacting to the fact there is now a new baby in the family.

Baby signage.jpg

The new family.jpg

Blake and Elliott.jpg

Kristen and Elliott.jpg

Jody and Elliott.jpg

PJ realizes there is a new baby.jpg

PJ and his cousin Elliott.jpg

Uncle Phil and Elliott.jpg

Open yours eyes already.jpg

Posted by hunte046 at April 10, 2006 11:46 AM