April 17, 2007

April Update (by Jody)

Adaline will be 3 months old on Wednesday April 18.
She weights a little over 9 pounds and loves to smile
and "talk." She was baptised on Sunday April 15. She
looked beatiful in her gown (which my neice, Jill,
wore 30 years ago). She was such a good baby during
the service and her eyes just seemed to shine - which
to me seemed like she was channeling (maybe not right
word...) all those who went before her and couldn't be
there in person (my mom and dad and her
great-grandparents Nora and Philip III).

I have returned to work and will work M, W, F. Phil
will be home on Fridays. So, Adaline and PJ will have
a "fun with kids day" (what we call daycare) on M & W
and be home with either of us on T, TH, & Fs. So far
the days she's gone to daycare, our provider says "she
is such a good baby!"

PJ has about a month and a half left of preschool.
We've applied to have him do a summer preschool
program at the Dodge Nature Center about a mile from
our house. Their curriculum will include a focus on
animals (they have a farm) and growing plants. I don't
know yet if they have a spot available for him. If
they did, he would go this summer on Tuesday and
Thursday afternoons. On the application they ask how
your child/family will bring diversity to their school
(by way of language, income, family structure)... We
are so non-diverse it isn't funny (but then so are the
majority of kids who go there) so I just put down that
PJ can count to 10 in spanish!

PJ is really into Curious George right now. He
watches it every weekday on PBS before dinner (so we
can get dinner made!). He'll say to Phil "you be the
man with the yellow hat and I'll be curious George."
The one episode where George tries to get a dinosaur
bone from a museum display and hurts his leg and has
to go to the doctor for an X-ray has really made an
impression on him...because he recently went to the
doctor for pain in his right leg and had an X-ray -
just like George. He also talks about the show with
his friend Nicholas from daycare and the neighbor girl
that's his age, Alice. PJ played with Alice outside
today and I heard him say several times "let's talk
about George now" and she would say "Otay" because she
cannot pronounce her Ks or Cs. It's cute when we are
out for a walk and she says "you have to watch out for
tars [cars]." Her family has two cats which she calls
her "titties." It just kills me.

Here are a few pictures of PJ and Adaline from the
months of March and April. The ones with other family
members are from our Easter Sunday brunch at the Afton
Inn. As Rachel Ray would say, it was "yummo!"


PJ and Adaline pic.jpg

"When PJ is at daycare I lie in his bed and play with his toys."
with PJ's toys.jpg

PJ & Elliott at Easter Brunch

PJ and Elliott Easter Brunch.jpg

Prince Elliott Turns 1
Prince Elliott.jpg

Boys in Irish Sweaters Out for a Stroll.
Blake and PJ on Easter.jpg

Grandma Hunter and Adaline

Lynn and Adaline Easter Brunch.jpg

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