May 25, 2004


Getting even more of the house settled. We have a 50's sectional that we got at a garage sale with ottomans that have storage compartments. We are looking into re-upholstering them, maybe a job for This is helping all of us by having more places to actually sit! My brother Brett and I got the large couch with two recliner sides and the big ol' recliner into the basement, but I am not at liberty to say how at this moment. More places to relax.

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May 10, 2004


Started work on my office/studio space this weekend. Cut a hunk off the carpet that was in the living room and put that in there to help with the acoustics (the floor was tile). Will use the closet door as a desk I think. I will probably put adjustable shelving in there for now along with all the other shelving I am making/puting in. Isn't this interesting?

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May 3, 2004

New Home

We almost have the kitchen up and running and we spent all day Sunday on PJ's room - it is the first room that is "done". Have a couple of pieces of furniture to paint and bring into the room and then we will be looking for little decorative touches here and there, but it's liveable now and he seems to really like it!

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PJ's first tooth

He's getting his two front teeth and loves to show them off! :)

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