July 27, 2004

Some Guy

Today while I was waiting for a grilled burger on the campus green, some guy with mirror glasses who appeared stoned or drunk (perhaps still drunk from the night before) ordered his meal. "I'll have the meal." The young woman behind the counter needed more info than that, since they had 8 different meals. "What kind of meat did you want on that?" There was a pause and he said "cheeseburger" like almost everyone else was. He paused again and had this weird smile, and I thought to myself, "Don't go there." He did. "Did you ask me what kind of meat I wanted?" with a bit of a chuckle. She knew her error immediately but I could tell she was also hoping he wouldn't go there. She feigned ignorance. "I was asking what kind of sandwhich you wanted." "Yeah, but you asked me what kind of meat I wanted." "Yeah," she said, then "Next." He looked a little dejected as he tried unsuccessfully to pick up a package of mustard, spilling the container. Perhaps he was hoping she would bend over to pick them up so he could check out her behind. No such luck for the guy, as everyone else quickly did the job as if to help him hurry on his way. I watched him for a bit as he ambled on his way to whatever project he was pretending to work on.

[Disclaimer - my opinions in no way reflect the Department I work for or the University as a whole.]

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PJ Feeling Blucky

PJ's feeling blucky last night and today. He has a fever and runny nose. I don't think it's a cold - it is probably just the fact that maybe he's finally getting some more teeth. We also need to keep an eye on his weight - he hasn't gained any for some time, despite the fact he eats a lot. He is very active at home, so I am not too worried yet.

Last night he tried to take a bite of cheese and started to cry - very odd - I think his mouth hurt and he was upset that he couldn't eat the cheese! Poor kid. He gets to stay home with mama today, so I am sure that helps.

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July 15, 2004

13 months

PJ 13 mths. Pic by Meghan - Thanks!

PJ turned 13 months old a few days back so I thought I better put in a blog entry! He still only has his top two front teeth. He isn't walking yet, but can get around really well on two feet if he is holding onto furniture or something. He has also used his walker a bit. I think he is more concentrating on talking. He says things that sound very much like actual words in appropriate places, including when we ask him questions, when he says ya or na. I am not sure he knows this as yes or no, but it is still fascinating. One word he knows for sure is "nigh-nigh" and that word he doesn't like much because it means "time for bed".

His sleeping has gotten a lot better - he isn't waking up 3-4 times a night. We had to do something, that was just wearing on us too much. So we did a variation on the "letting them cry themselves to sleep" method - it was based on what our friends Dan and Merideth did with their son Nathan. They put him in the fridge. (just seeing if you were still reading!) Actually, after the bedtime routine they set him in the crib and then checked on him every 5 minutes or so until he went to sleep on his own. We did this too - PJ is pretty stubborn but now when we say, "lay down, it's nigh-nigh" he puts his head down and goes to sleep. It is pretty cute really. He almost sleeps through the night - I think he would have last night but the neighbor's diesel truck woke him up at 5am. Still that ain't bad.

Every night we either go swimming at the pool nearby or for a long walk, sometimes stopping at a park to go swinging. He loves it! Or he swings on his new swing his friends Emma and Liam gave him, with the help of his parents Sarah and Mike.

Sometimes we watch one of "his shows", which are either a Baby Einstein dvd or Fisher Price. Here is a pic of him watching one with his friend Faith. Notice the hypnotized stare:


I think this one was about animals, so that makes sense. He likes animals and music a lot. He even turns on his CD player and dances to it. He has a Noah's Ark (don't know where Noah took off to - but I guess 40 days and nights was enough for him) and he likes to take the animals - 2 by 2 no less and play with them, i.e. one night he takes the two zebras as his favorite and the next the giraffes - not a lion and a toucan, never! Odd. Well, that's enough for now. Back to work!

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