August 30, 2004

2 Pics from Kristen

As I have posted previously, Kristen, my future sis-in-law is watching PJ for us during August while our day care lady has an operation/vacation/etc. Here are a couple pics she took and was nice enough to send me.

Upside Down.jpg
Upside Down!

Hey You.jpg
Hey You!

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Save Big Money

A couple weeks ago we were attempting to buy some stain at Menards. The older gentleman who was trying to help us accidently dropped the quart of stain and it either hit PJ in the nose or bounced off something and then hit his nose. I don't think he got the full brunt of it or it would have been worse. It is difficult to tell if it was broken because babies' noses are so small, but the mark on the bridge of his nose is healing nicely, it doesn't seem tender, and he appears to be breathing through it without difficulty. We'll have to see if it starts to "look deformed" later. Quite a scare! They didn't have a first aid kit either, so we couldn't ice it... The guy felt really bad. He was obviously a ways past "retirement" age and his left hand didn't work quite right, hence he lost control of the quart.

This also raises issues about retirement age and fixing Social Security/drug costs for seniors, but that's another topic (or 8) altogether.

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PJ and the Fair


Last Saturday, Blake and Kristen, Jody, PJ and I went to the Minnesota State Fair! It was the first time for PJ and Kristen! As you can see from the pics Kristen and Blake took:

PJ got to try his first Cotton Candy and Pronto Pup. For those not in the know, a Pronto Pup is what they call a corn dog at the MN State Fair. By the time he got to the little choclate chip cookies, you can see how badly he was in the Sugar Zone...Also he didn't get a full am nap, but was very good.

He got to see some horses, lambs and pet a little piggy!

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August 17, 2004

PJ 14 Months Continued

Photo Courtesy Trowles Inc.

PJ is still experimenting with walking - still likes to have a hand or elbow or belly on the furniture as he scoots along. He likes to walk all the way around the ottoman, beating his hands along the way and laughing. He also does this sort of Irish jig sometimes with his feet while holding onto something.

His vocalizations are really taking off and he is coming a long way with that. He "speaks" sentences now - mostly indecipherable to us, but clearly different syllables all along the way. He tells little stories to us and likes to talk with us while he is eating or riding in his stroller or wagon, or pretty much everything he does now: quite a little jabber box. He is getting really close more often with "real" words. He has said "Roger-Dodger" and he started clearly rolling his "r's" very well yesterday - I have been doing the "Erre con Erre" song for him daily to make sure he will be able to roll his r's if he ever wants to learn Spanish (beyond what we are teaching him). (I was told this song is used in Mexico as sort of a tongue-twister to teach Mexican children how to roll their r's.) I think he may think it is a variation on a motor boat sound that we use in playing sometimes, or the raspberry-on-the-belly routine most kids seem to love.

Erre con erre cigarro
Erre con erre barril
Rapido corren los carros
En la linea ferro carril

(hopefully the spelling is right!)

Rough Translation:
R as in R in cigar
R as in R in barrel
Rapid go the cars on the railroad tracks

Using the rolling r's, we developed a new variation on the "Charging-at-each-other and bonking-each-other's-heads game" in which I am a bull "El Toro" and we charge at each other. Usually this ends with me tickling him or him trying to tickle me. Once he was tickling me and said, "Tiko Tiko". I couldn't help but laugh even though I am not ticklish - having two little brothers I taught myself not to be ticklish so that I would have an unfair advantage. :) Sometimes he will run the other way and we will chase him, catch him and tickle him. He LOVES this game! Last night he started crawling a ways and then stopping and rolling over and laughing hysterically even before we can catch him - silly boy!

He may have some reflux or something that we will need to check at the next visit, if not sooner. We think this may explain why he has started waking up in the night again and he also has burped up a bit after some feedings of milk the past 4 days. His two front teeth are now fully in it seems and the two to the sides are coming along nicely, albeit very sharply. His two teeth on the bottom are still coming along slowly.

We went to an Irish festival in St. Paul over the weekend. Kristen's mom was selling her sweaters from Ireland there. After we got to meet her (she is very nice!) we listened to some music. PJ sat and kicked his feet when the music played and clapped with everyone when the songs were over. PJ also got to see a few Irish dog breeds and some of that breed of person that festivals seem to attract - wearing very little, sort of a haze of some sort. Lots of "normal" folks too, usually drinking Guinness. I was jealous - didn't have enough $ to get any food tickets and I had some sort of viral stomach thing like people get when they go overseas and I didn't even get to go anywhere overseas! But enough about me!

Anyway, enough for now. Hope you are all well with you.

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August 10, 2004

PJ almost 14 mths.

PJ is almost 14 months, so why not an update? He is finally getting more teeth - two more up top and two on the bottom. It is amazing how sharp they look at first! His favorite foods right now seem to be strawberries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (go figure!) and grapes.

Yesterday he was playing alone in the living room as I was getting into my "daddy clothes" as Kristen says after work. It was very quiet so I peeked in on him. He was very quietly and cautiously putting a finger into the dirt in a plant pot with his back to the doorway. He knows this is a no-no and when I said, "No PJ, that's a no-no," I could tell I really surprised him - even though I didn't use a voice that was anywhere near harsh. He turned and looked sad but went back to his toys. The same thing happened again shortly afterwards, but this time when I said, "No, PJ you know that's a no-no, that's a bad boy" He looked really dejected and put his head down on the floor and cried a bit. When he finally went back to his toys, I said, "There that's a good boy - you know not to touch the plants," and he smiled. He doesn't want to be a bad boy that's for sure! I think we have quite a sensitive little boy on our hands, so we'll have to watch that a bit.

Most of his playing involves taking 2 items from one place to another and then back again, then changing the locations, e.g. Putting a lion and a zebra on the chair and taking them down - repeating several times, then taking them to a bucket and putting them in and taking them out, repeating several times, then putting them all away on the other side of the room and in my get the idea. We also have our wrestle time, where he comes up to me and starts to giggle a bit and make the lion sound and then I tickle him etc. Then he goes away and comes back for more. He could do this for hours and each time he laughs harder and harder. He did this game last night with his mommy and he was really squealing with joy!

He started taking two naps a day when he was last sick, but may be getting out of it again. He is still sleeping through the night almost always from 7pm on the nose to around 6am. He gets up sometimes and wants a drink of water or needs help finding his nuk/binky/pacifire, which I think he refers to as a neh-neh.

While our day care provide takes August off, Blake's fiance Kristen watches PJ for us (THANKS KRISTEN!) Tues. - Thurs. and Jody Monday and me Friday. I am working 4 10 hr days Mon. - Thurs.

He is really working on the talking. The other day I even caught him "reading" one of his books. I had stepped out of the room to get some water and when I came back he was chatting away while turning the pages and pointing to the pictures. He was telling himself some story that's for sure and having lots of fun doing it. Yesterday he read a bit to Cookie Monster. Pretty cute if I do say so myself. We are blessed.

Thanks for reading. I'll try to get some pics up soon too! (I finally got his first Christmas Movie edited...I am soooo far behind!) :)

P, J & PJ and Frank and Stein.

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