February 28, 2005

Favorite Words


Here is a list of words PJ likes to say:
stein (one of our cats, the one that lets PJ pet him the most)
what's that?
show (that's what mom calls his videos)
that sucks (we try to be careful, but this one got through...)
row, row, row
I don't know
all done!
all done?
ahh! (means a drink)


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February 23, 2005

Life on Mars?

Sea of Ice Discovered on Mars

Pretty cool, huh?

Click here for another article.

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The dishwasher and garbage disposal were installed, but the pipes weren't really ready for the extra load, so we had Roto-Rooter out to do their thing. I had tried to see what I could do on my own, but the snake didn't cut it and/or reach far enough. The pipes were due for a good scrubbing anyway.

Not having to do dishes really frees up some time in the evenings (and counter space - don't need to store dirty dishes on them).

PJ is really interested in helping with things around the house lately (I'm sure that won't last long), so we try to find ways to let him. Usually that means letting him close the cupboard doors or put some dishes away (the plastic ones) and a little dishwasher loading. We are working with him to clean up his toys every night. This was going to be a "general" note and now has morphed into a PJ Update! :)

In other "news", I have moved my political rantings to: Politico A Go Go I have set it up as a collaborative political blog with interested friends as contributors. So far I am the only one though and it may end up being my personal political soapbox...

Hope all is well with you faithful readers (all 2 of you?) :)

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February 22, 2005

Gay Penguins!

Read the article here!

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February 18, 2005

O'Herron Sweater Site

Go Here.

Notice anyone familiar? This is the business owned by Aunt Kristen's mom, whom we'll see this weekend at a Scottish Festival.

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February 17, 2005

My Little Alex

I mentioned this a bit in one of my comments previously, but file this under: "I Swear I Didn't Teach Him That!" PJ can do an honest-to-goodness Kubrick Stare. We were eating dinner with Faith and Bob and Meghan (before the Toddler Sweetheart Dance PJ and Faith went to) and he gave us all the look. File this also under: "I'm Not Really Sure If I Should Be Encouraging/Discouraging This Behavior." He even had this really impish grin - it was real horror show (Actually it was pretty creepy, but funny at the same time). I swear he wasn't drinking "milk plus"....

What does this make me, Daddy Droog?

He also has this somewhat creepy whisper he does sometimes, but he doesn't do the whole talking finger/redrum thing ala 'Shining', thank goodness.

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February 15, 2005

Recent Pics

Here are some recent pictures of PJ and the rest of the family:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Frank and Stein Snuggle

Preppy PJ

Dancing With Elmo

Sledding After the "Big Snow of 2005"


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and that you had a Happy Valentine's Day. We did - we got our dishwasher and garbage disposal! (and went to Red Lobster - where PJ acted very odd and a bit naughty)

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February 7, 2005

PJ @ 20 Mths.

I'm having a hard time keeping up with updating my PJ news and again I am probably forgetting a hundred things. I still can't find the cord I need to get the pics off the camera onto the computer, so no new pics today. I'll try to rectify that soon.

He has been practicing sitting in his little Pooh chair or on your lap if you are seated on the floor and he's pretty much got that down. Now he is moving onto practicing climbing up onto things - and he's got some new bruises to prove it!

He is asserting himself a lot more now - on play dates with his friend Faith, if she tries to take something he has, he'll pull it away and look at her with a grumpy face and say, "Eh!" He used to just let her take it away - he'd have a funny look, like, "Huh?", but didn't get upset. He also has started throwing tantrums. I almost thought maybe we'd get away without going through them - he is so good-natured. They seen to happen when he wants something he can't communicate to us and we can't figure out, or if we tell him "No!" Sometimes at dinner he'll do his "freakazoid" routine where he runs his hands through his food rapidly tossing it to the sides onto the floor or tries to throw his plate. Freakazoid isn't necessarily a tantrum, it's more just a huge burst of energy where he's very excited and can't control it.

He has been practicing letters and counting and talking. Every now and then he hits on the right word for the thing he's pointing to or looking at. He says something that sounds like "Sad Sack Guy" quite a bit, generally when he has woken up from a nap. He says "duck" a lot even though he might not be looking at one - it's just a fun word to say.

The other night I called Jody to come over and look at the sun setting - it was really cool and we have a good view of it from our living room window. As we were admiring it, PJ ran over and looked out the window and said, "Wow!" This morning he looked out his bedroom window and said "wow!" again, even though nothing new in the view that I could tell. I made sure to let him know it's good to take time to appreciate things like that anyway. Maybe he was remarking about the sunshine getting brighter out...He's a funny kid.

When it warms up a bit, we need to get to work on the family room in the basement! He needs some more room. I think we'll get some sort of small slide - he really loves those at playlands.

Well I guess that's it for now. Thanks for reading and hope you are doing well.

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February 3, 2005

Apostrophe Catastrophe

As you can see in this MN Daily Article, it seems there is a controversy brewing among the overeducated here at the Ol' U o' M. Personally I feel they should not use the apostrophe. I don't care if it may or may not be correct useage, it doesn't look right. But at least it gives people something to think debate over lattes and scones...

[Disclaimer - my opinions in no way reflect the Department I work for or the University as a whole.]

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February 2, 2005

The Fruitcake Lady

I never got into the Tonight Show much since Leno took the reigns, but this is hilarious - click here

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