March 28, 2005


And just in time! Today was another Daddy Day and PJ and I went on a huge walk - mostly he rode in his stroller, but for awhile we decided to run up and down hills. He never really walked in grass before, so that was a first and he laughed and laughed - it's bumby or something. Then we walked up a little hill in a park with some pine trees on it. At first he wanted to hold my hand (ok, so he just holds my index finger...), but soon he was tearing up the hill on his own (I kept an eye on him, but he never fell). Then came running down the hill! My goodness that was fun! He would just about lose his footing at a certain point and fall into my arms squealing with glee. He of course didn't want to stop, but Daddy was poopt! After lunch we read a bit and it was time for a nap. He hit the crib sleeping. Part of a parent's job is getting your kid tired enough to take a nap, so you can rest! ;)

When he woke up from his nap he drank 2 big sippy cups of milk! Then we read some more, but soon had to get back outside. The cats even got to sit in the windows with them open and feel the fresh air and hear the birds - it's been a long time; I could tell they were getting anxious for this event to take place, but temps just didn't allow for it until today. We played for awhile and PJ tresspassed on our neighbor John's yard and got a basketball - John didn't mind though it turns out. ;) PJ seems very interested in basketball right now. Maybe it is just "ball" in general, but he likes to watch it on the TV we found out when he was being babysat, by a friend of Jody's whose husband was watching it...that sentence was more complicated than it need be, but I am too tired to fix it.

After dinner we all went for another walk and played outside some more! The backyards have started to air out around here after the dog poop thaw - man the whole neighborhood reeked the other day. Looking forward to that first thunderstorm to clean everything up! I wonder how PJ will react to thunder and lightning this year?

That's enough for now. Tomorrow is another Daddy Day and we might go to the Como Zoo if it opens early enough - I'm not going to risk him falling asleep in the car on the way home! If he even dozes for 5 minutes, that's it for a nap!

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March 22, 2005

PJ @ 22 Mths.

Getting To Sleep
I write this as I listen to PJ talking to himself through the baby monitor. He is supposed to be going nigh-nigh. As he gets older, the "going to sleep process" gets more involved. We used to read to him, snuggle a bit, say his prayers and tuck him in. Now he has to get everything just right - his lion and blankie have to be just right. He wants another hug. He wants another drink. He usually tosses everything out of his crib at least twice - I think it may be a ruse to get us to come back in.

Big Bump
Today he really plowed into the door trim on the way to the hallway from the living room. A huge bump. This may be his worst one yet. I put some ice on it and kept a good eye on him today - his pupils responded to light changes properly and he didn't throw up. What an awful way to start the day! Why wasn't I at work you may ask? Our daycare lady is recovering from a surgery the next two weeks, so Jody and I divided up the week. It's funny folks at work wishing me a nice vacation. Hee. We have fun, don't get me wrong, but it can be tiring. Anyone tells me that stay-at-home parents have it easy or don't have to work and I just might be liable to bop them in the mouth! Of course I could have just planted him in front of the television all day I guess, but as PJ would say, "that sucks". I'm exhausted at night, but in a good way. I'm recovering from a cold, so don't think I am a complete wimp or something; again, I just might bop you in the mouth.

Some Favorite Games
*Kick the Blanket - This involves him putting his blankie on your feet and then you kick it over his head.
*Snuggle Bunny - I think this one may be self-explanatory
*Catch - Ok so he doesn't quite get the catching part, but he is good at throwing it
*Peek-A-Boo - Ok, so everyone likes this!
*Ghost - He walks around with his blankie on his head. He can get from the living room all the way to other rooms without looking...and this isn't how he bumped his head today, btw.
*Crazy-Crazy - He just freaks out, filled with lots of happy energy and it just bursts out!
*Round & Round - Like Crazy-Crazy, but just running in a circle until he falls. Sometimes it is just walking to music.
*Kitty Kitty - This is where he thinks he is playing with the cats. He chases them and says "Kitty Kitty!" and sometimes he thinks they chase him back. I do think they are playing with him in their own way sometimes, but mostly I think they are just trying to get out of his way.
*Stinky Feet* - This is his all-time favorite right now. It started with us grabbing his feet and smelling them, making a face and saying "PU!" or "Stinky Feet!" and him laughing so hard he cries. Now it has evolved to him climbing on us and putting his feet in our face. Sometimes he'll come up to us when we are laying on the floor and raise a foot to our face - sort of looks like a dog lifting it's leg to pee. Hilarious! Ok, I've just proved we don't get out much. But, you know what? Who cares. We love our time with him. Ok, Jody would still like to go out more... :)

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March 6, 2005

More Words

Here are a few I forgot and a few new ones:

cuckoo (while spinning finger around ear)
cracko (cracker)
dankoo (thank you - he's very polite)

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March 3, 2005

Good Eatin'

We went to the Beirut Restaurant with our friends Scott and Danielle last night. We hadn't seen them for a long time and we still owed them for taking care of our plants during the selling/buying process from our old house to our new. The restaurant is near our house and was recommended by Scott who really likes Lebanese food and I'd recommend it to anyone reading this. Scott heard about it through his boss and I don't know how she found out about it. We knew there was quite a few really good mexican choices around here (here's Jody's favorite fast food), but it's good to know there are other international choices nearby. Haven't found a good Thai place near us yet. :(

Anywho, we had a nice time. I was feeling a bit under the weather again (cold relapse or a new one?), but I wasn't about to cancel. A) we hadn't seen them for a long time as I've mentioned, and it can be difficult to connect schedules and B) Jody "never gets to go eat at a sit-down restaurant!" OMG!!! I made sure not to sneeze on them. PJ got a compliment from the waitress on being so well-behaved, even though for him he was being a little bit antsy.

Scott and Danielle are traveling to Florida for an actual vacation! Good for them!

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