May 15, 2005

Almost 2


I like routines for our evenings (I do try to be flexible) it just seems to keep things a bit less chaotic and can avoid some of the stress that goes into making sure you get everything done before nigh-nigh. I've heard that it's good for children to have some structure. PJ of course has the routine pretty much memorized - there are points of the random of course, but generally certain things go in certain order: we always get dinner ready, eat it, clean face, play/read, watch a show if it isn't nice out - which it hasn't been much recently (unseasonably cool), diapy/jammies, brush teeth, go to the bedroom to read/rock/drink milk/say prayers/then into the crib for PJ. The only problem with this is since PJ knows what's next sometimes he'll stall certain things if he doesn't like what always comes next. For instance, he sometimes really takes his time eating because he doesn't like getting his face cleaned. Sometimes getting out of the clothes before jammies takes a half a bit, take off the socks - he runs away, play a bit, take off the pants...If we are tired or whatever, we of course just do it all in one fell swoop. Sometimes I can tell him what I want and he will go along no problem - "Time to get in your jammies." and he calmly lets you put them on and even helps. Then he'll go to the bathroom and get the stool ready and climb up to brush his teeth (with help still of course), then he'll walk into his room and wait for you to put him in your lap. Such a good boy! He hasn't faught at that part yet - he really enjoys being read to and rocked.

PJ has been sleeping really well lately and often when he wakes up in the night, he'll get himself back to sleep fairly quickly. We've started checking on him before we go to sleep to make sure the blankets are on and he isn't in some really strange position (often he'll be crammed up in the skinny-side of the crib from kicking the wall and singing). We all sleep better and that makes a big difference. Jody hasn't kicked my for weeks! ha ha

Current Favorite Games/Toys
Crazy Crash Truck - This is where Funshine Bear gets in the back of a dumptruck and PJ crashes it to make the bear fall out. He laughs and laughs.

Whoa! - Usually when PJ falls or almost falls (the times he doesn't get hurt) we say, "Whoa!" and sometimes it can be funny. Well now that he's gotten walking pretty much down and has started running, sometimes he "fake falls" or walks like he's drunk or something and he says, "Whoa!" and laughs and laughs.

[sidenote: I just had this funny vision of me writing down everything PJ does even when he's my age - ha ha]

Thomas the Tank Engine - Jody and I started him watching this show (I'll admit it was because it was one I could stand and actually have started to really like). Unsurprisingly Thomas is one of his favorite toys. He doesn't know it yet, but he will be getting a Toby for his second birthday. Shhh! Maybe an Annie and Clarabel too. Heck, maybe a Henrietta! He sometimes will "shunt" other cars, animals, etc. and sometimes the food on his plate.

Ok, not quite, but he is getting much better with stairs and is using the handrail etc. to help steady himself and pull himself up. We have very steep stairs in the house, so he'll have to grow a bit more to really master them, but he does well on other stairs. He is also getting really good at using silverware - seems to use both hands equally with ease, but he seems to favor the right hand a bit. He is also learning to kick.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of stuff, but I can always post later if I think of more. Have a good one!

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