July 21, 2005

PJ Update July '05

PJ is now figuring out specific things he wants and how to ask for them. Overall that's great, except when it's something he can't have - then he throws a little tantrum. This is out of character for him, but in line with being a 2 year old. It may have something to do with the fact he isn't feeling well right now. We gave in on a few things because he was sick [like a binky (nuk) not just at nigh-nigh] and then he wanted it even when he started feeling better - it's hard to stick to our guns, but we are doing pretty good I think. He also wanted to start bringing his stuffed star toy (as well as Gus) to daycare, but Jody stood her ground.

In other news, Lee and Faith are visiting this week!

Here are some misc. pics from last month and this month:

PJ and Uncle Blake and Aunt Kristen's
with their Amazing Controller Ottoman!

The Slide!





In the Tub

Chasing Bubbles at Uncle Brett's 32 B-day Par-tay (that's Aunt Joey in the picture too)

Lee in PJ's Hat

PJ and John and Stacie's Cat - Beaker

Hope you enjoyed them!

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July 5, 2005

Lost Dog Found, Three Times

What a weekend! PJ really missed Gus but he was taking it alright. He'd ask for him from time to time, but was able to sleep with a Peef teddy bear about the same size. Anyway, I put a bid on a replacement on Ebay and it sat there for three days, then in the last 10 seconds someone swooped in and outbid me before I could react. I emailed "powerpuff girl" (via Ebay) and told her a bit of the story and said I wanted to buy it from her. In the meantime Uncle Brett was able to find one somehow and Gus 2.0 appeared on our doorstep Sunday morning. Jody caught it in time to remove the collar just in case PJ would notice it wasn't the same. Then today I got a Ebay notice from the seller that they had another one and I bought it too. This afternoon Jody brought home the original Gus 1.0 - evidently our daycare provider didn't look very hard. Gus 3.0 will be in the mail shortly and he will live in the closet with whichever Gus is waiting to be Gus while the other is getting washed. If all goes well, I will sell Gus 3.0 on Ebay in a few years (he still has his collar) and I will get enough money to pay for PJ's college...ha ha. If you ever read this PJ, we're sorry we misled you, but someday if you're a parent you'll understand.

PS powerpuff girl emailed me just now (via Ebay) and said she was sorry but her daughter lost hers when her deadbeat dad gave it to his dog...and it was going to be a surprise for her birthday in two weeks.

All is well in the land of the powerpuff girl and The Hunter/Jacksons' 3 Gus.

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July 1, 2005

Lost Dog!

Uncle Brett gave PJ a Target dog several months ago and it instantly became PJ's favorite. He named him Gus and recently started asking for him at night to sleep with as well. He doesn't play with him all the time, but he always makes sure to know where he is in case he needs him. When PJ was having a hard time transitioning to daycare, we decided to let him take Gus with him. The daycare provider is normally very good with keeping track of this sort of thing, but I think her mind was on "going to the cabin" this Thursday and Gus in now missing. She didn't have time to call folks or give us their numbers - she was "already out the door". As you can imagine I am not very happy.

It is very likely that someone accidently took it home with them, so I have made this poster (requires Microsoft Word): Download file

At the very least this could be posted on the daycare door and we are hoping for the best. If you see one on Ebay, don't make a bid! I'm already on it. Wish us luck! PJ did finally go to sleep without Gus, but he kept asking for him. We knew we should have a back-up Gus in waiting, but we weren't able to find one. One thing I know for sure, if we find a Gus 2.0, he won't be going to daycare anymore (if we can help it that is)...

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