January 24, 2006

A Long Overdue PJ Post, (Which Also Happens to be Very Long) Part Three

Even More!

PJ and Kitchen
PJ and kitchen 2005.jpg

PJ and Pumpkin
PJ and pumpkin 2005.jpg

PJ and Pancakes

PJ eating pancakes.jpg

PJ in his Room
PJ in his room 2005.jpg

PJ Under the Tree

PJ under tree 2005.jpg

PJ Playing with Stein

playing with stein.jpg

Reading with Grandma Hunter

reading with Grandma Hunter.jpg

Reading with Grandma Jackson
reading with Grandma Jackson.jpg

Ring Around the Rosy
ring around the rosy.jpg

Sliding in the Jungle Room

sliding 2005.jpg

Winter Fun with Daddy

winter 2005.jpg

Listening to Daddy
with daddy and guitar.jpg

Working on the "Puter"
working on the puter.jpg

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A Long Overdue PJ Post, (Which Also Happens to be Very Long) Part Two

Here are some pics of PJ family and friends from years 2 to 2.5 in no particular order:

CHEERS! with "Faif"

count to six.jpg

Eating Cheerios with Johnathan
eating cheerios with cousin jonathan.jpg

Emma and Liam
emma and liam at birthday 2005.jpg

Daddy and Mommy Going to a Movie
jody and phil 2005.jpg

Hugging Stein
giving stein a hug.jpg

Mickey and Molly

mickey and molly 2005.jpg

Cuddling After a Bath with Mommy
mommy's baby.jpg

PJ and Uncle Blake
PJ and Blake 2005.jpg

PJ and Faith - 2 years old

PJ and Faith two years old.jpg

PJ and Gus on Plane to Michigan

PJ and Gus on plane.jpg

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January 22, 2006

A Long Overdue PJ Post, (Which Also Happens to be Very Long) Part One

The following is an update on life with PJ from approximately June through December 2005 (age 2 to 2 1/2 in PJ years). It’s a long one since we have a lot of catching up to do! This entry was written, for the most part, by his mother. It will be in three installments, the second and third being photos.

Fun with Frank and Stein
PJ’s interactions with F+S have intensified over the past six months. They look so much alike that for a while he was calling them both Steiny, then for a while both were Stanky (we were not sure if this was a reference to Franky or whether he was combining both Frank and Steiny into one). Now he does differentiate between the two (although not always correctly). It seems as though he views them as both playmates as well as creatures who exist on the ladder below him in our little household. His “play? with them ranges from the “mine? game where he quickly takes and object like his cup or a blankie, that is near them (which they could care less about) and vehemently says “mine.? He did this quite often during the Summer when he went through the “mine? phase. He recently likes to play “chase? with them, where, even though they are just casually moving around the house, he’ll run from them squealing with delight. The reverse is that he’ll follow them around with his hands outstretched, again squealing, as they seek safety behind the couch, on our bed or under a table. We are hoping that Stein will lose some weight in the process except that he tends to eat when he’s nervous…

Frank runs away whenever PJ comes near him, but Stein is kind of desperate for attention so he will stay around and let PJ pet him if PJ doesn’t get too crazy. PJ likes to give Stein hugs, and kiss the top of his head. He’ll do that and then he’ll say “he’s cute.? One of his favorite things is to have Stein “ay down? [lay down] and give Stein his Tigger stuffed animal to lie with. If Stein isn’t lying just right he’ll say again “ay down Stein? and push his head down. As I mentioned before, he seems to understand the hierarchy for giving orders in our house, under which he can tell Frank and Stein what to do and act out his frustrations, from us bossing him around, on them. Sometimes he’ll call Stein “baby? and “coo chee coo chee coo? him under his chin.

We can’t say, however, that the cats don’t care about PJ at all. One evening PJ and I were wrestling on the living room floor. I would lie on my back, put him on my lower legs and bounce him up and down playing the horsie game. Several times I got carried away and would kick up my legs so that he would fly up into the air squealing with delight. The cats were hanging around and Frank seemed nervous. One of the times that PJ cried out, Frank came over to me and planted his teeth, ever so gently, but also firmly, into my arm. I reassured Frank (as best I could) that we were just playing. We stopped doing that kind of roughhousing in the cat’s presence.

Favorite Songs
His favorite songs right now are “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,? “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,? “Itsy Bitsy Spider,? “Ring around the Rosy? (which he refers to as “ashy ashy?), and “All around the Mulberry Bush.?

For a while, his most favorite song was my rendition of “Cheek to Cheek? by Frank Sinatra, which I’ve altered a bit for him….
I’m in heaven, PJ heaven, and my heart beats to that I can hardly speak,
And I seem to find the happiness I seek, when we sit together rocking cheek to cheek.

I also made up a song that we sing together before naptime…
We are taking nap, we are taking nap, because our eyes are droopy, we are taking nap. We are taking nap, we are taking nap, so we won’t be crabby, we are taking nap. We are taking nap, we are taking nap, because we are good babies, we are taking nap. We are taking nap, we are taking nap, because we love our mummies, we are taking nap.

Before bed or nap, I sometimes sing to him a lullaby that my mother sang to me. She learned it in Kindergarten (would have been in the 1930’s)…
I have a little dolly (I insert “a little PJ?) with eyes of bright blue,
She (I use “he? of course) can open and shut them and she (“he?) smiles at me too.
In the morning I dress her (“him?) and we go out to play,
but I like best to rock her (“him?) at the close of the day.

He’s also made up a few songs of his own… the “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy? and the “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy? songs (that’s about the extent of it – over and over). “Ticky Ticky Tee and Ticky Ticky Ta? song and his “Deedle Deedle Dee and Deedle Deedle Da? song.

Games, a Budding Imagination & Sense of Humor
• His coloring has become more complex compared to even when he just turned two. It is much more heavy-handed. Late this summer he was doing circles and bends in his lines in addition to just straight lines on a page. He did a drawing (we swear!) totally on his own, over the course of several days, where you can clearly see a face in it. Mind you, it’s quite abstract, but it’s a face with one eye, a mouth, nose, and hair. This drawing is now framed and has a place of honor in our new family room in the basement. Now if he’d only draw something where you can see the image of the Madonna or Christ, maybe we could get on Fox 9 news…
• Until Christmas, when his friends Emma and Liam gave him a starter track for his Thomas trains, he was making train tracks out of wooden blocks and running his trains on them. He liked to remove one of the blocks and have a train cry out “help! Help!? until the other one butted up behind him to pull him to safety. He also would use legos for food in his play kitchen (until he recently got real fake food for Christmas). Yellow ones were cheese, green ones were broccoli… Perhaps we are stifling his creativity with these presents!
• He’s fascinated with tunnels. Anything can be a tunnel. We were eating at a restaurant one day and my receipt curled under lying on the table and he said “it’s a tunnel.? One of his favorite tunnel games was to run his cars and trains along the arm of the living room chair, while Phil sat in it cupping his hand across the arm in the form of a tunnel. One day though Stein was sitting on the opposite arm of the chair and starting messing around near Stein’s rear end with a train. Phil said don’t put your train in Stein’s butt. PJ said “it’s a tunnel!?
• This is what PJ calls, “Apple Head? – originally seen as a picture in the doctor’ office.
• One of his most favorite games and our least favorite is when he plays alchemist (or mad scientist?) with cups and bowls at the table, although really he says he’s “cooking?.
• One day last Summer Phil took him for a walk in the stroller and decided to point out things that were red, most of which, along their path, were fire hydrants. PJ caught on quickly to the “it’s red? part and for several months after that whenever we’d see a fire hydrant he’d cry “It’s a Red!? He could spot them a mile away, so to speak. In the morning, when I would drive with him the one mile to drop him off or to pick him up from daycare, I enjoyed listening to the radio and zoning out a little. But for a while there I had to validate him every few feet as we drove along and say “yes, very good, that’s a red!?
• I let his toy telephone ring and say “hello? No, we are not having cake tonight we are having broccoli? (or insert some other vegetable in there). So he continued this for a while and he’d answer “hello? No cake, carrots? or whatever…
• When we got our basement family room done late last Summer, we brought in his little slide that he had been using outdoors. One of my favorite games with him was to sit down at the bottom of the slide while he played with it, and bounce one of his stuffed monkeys up and down and make it say “Please! Please! Will you take me down the slide? Please! Please! Will you take me down the slide?? PJ would just laugh and continue going down the slide himself. After about 10 requests from the monkey, he’d take him and push him down the slide. Then the monkey would say “Thank you! Thank you! For taking me down the slide.? Then begin his begging to go down all over again… I credit this game with PJ now saying please and thank you quite often! Two of our Christmas decorations include an old plastic sled with Santa and reindeer that I had at home as a child (it’s about 30+ years old) and a plastic figure of Santa that I got for PJ Christmas 2004 (It’s technically a dog toy that I got at Petsmart, but it was just the right size…). Anyways, I recently heard him playing under the tree with these two things and he was having the dog toy Santa ask the Santa sitting in the sleigh “Please! Please! can I ride??
• He is refining his comedic skills as well. He likes to do a fake sneeze. Sometimes they can be pretty dramatic, with a big build up of “ah ah ahs? and then a big “choo.? He doesn’t always do it for an audience though. Sometimes I hear him “sneezing? in another room all by himself. He also has worked in some "poopy" humor into his repertoire.
• Recently he’s been asking to have the radio on when we get in the car. He requests “music.? One morning while driving him to daycare all I could understand that he was saying was “that’s funny.? I kept asking “what’s funny?? Finally, I figured out that he was saying “Shoes are dancing.? And those shoes are quite the dancers, because the dance now whenever we ride in the car.
• PJ likes Daddy to pretend his hand is a chicken laying eggs when PJ puts a grape in it and Daddy lets in come out the other side screaming “Bock!?
• At Christmas time (or is that the “holidays? – sorry) PJ would look across the street at the glowing Nativity scene the neighbors have set up. One night he said, “Baby Jesus cold.? Daddy thought for a moment we’d have to run a blanket over there, but I said, “He’s warm in his mommy’s arms?.
• I’m sure it’s normal, but also a little disturbing to us, that he’s starting to “act out? both the good and bad the experiences he has. For example, one day recently at breakfast he lightly hit one of his hands on the other and said “no no baby.? Then he pointed to one had and said “mommy? and to the other hand “baby.? So, I said “is that what the mommy says to the baby? What else does the mommy say? (and prodded him with the words “I love you?). But he said “Um, well, no cake tonight, broccoli.?

Obsession With Cake
We had a Halloween party in 2005 and referred to it as a cake party. After which, he was just obsessed with cake. It was really cute until he started asking for it for a meal. He’d pretend to be on the phone and say “hello, blah, blah, cake party? as if he were inviting people to one. After watching a cartoon one day he said “PJ’s done? and I said “I wonder what’s next?’ He said “A cake party?? We were driving in the car one day and Phil and I were talking. In the back I heard him say “talking about cake party?? as if he were asking “hey, are you guys taking about a cake party?? Lately, since we had some fudge at Christmas time, he likes to argue with Phil about whether something is cake or fudge. He’ll stand up on the arm of the couch and sing about all of the kinds of cakes he knows… chocolate cake, yellow cake, apple down cake (pineapple upside down cake), ice cream cake, pancakes, etc.

Learning Language
It really has been amazing how much he’s learned over the past six months. Some days I feel like he just has a humungous vocabulary. It is true that a lot of it is just repeating what he hears and it doesn’t necessarily stick. And he sure does repeat things - nothing too horrible yet. He’s repeated two swear words, I think so far, but in the privacy of our home. Although you really want them to pronounce words correctly, you can’t help enjoying the way they say things sometimes. Like I said before, he calls Frank “Stanky.? He also pronounces any short word that has an “e? following the first consonant as a short “i? sound…for example bed is “bid? and head is “hid.? For a while he was sounding like a gangsta rapper and saying, “I git it.? He also has a bit of a New York or Boston accent when he sings “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.? He says star as “starw,? and as “arw? and sky as “skuy.?

Goodbye to Dear Friends
If he is dinking around on a weekday with his breakfast I say “Finish your breakfast so we can go see the kids? (go to his daycare) and one day recently he said “I go see Faif.? I also said, one morning, trying to coax him into getting his shoes on, “If we get your shoes on, we can go have some fun.? And he said, questioningly, “I go see Faif?? We were very sad to see our friends Bob and Meghan move back to Rapid City, SD and along with them PJ’s friend Faith. We miss them, but we know it’s nice to be closer to the grandparents, etc.

I think that’s about enough for now (whew!). Sorry for the huge update – we’ll try to get back on track now that the holidays are over.

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