February 13, 2006

PJ Knows Best

Last night PJ and Jody were sitting at the table (he was having a snack before bed because he didn't eat his dinner!). I was in the bedroom watching the news and called out saying that the Vice President had shot someone. Jody said "Oh no, that's not good." And PJ said "He don't do that, that's naughty."

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February 11, 2006


PJ's latest favorite thing right now is the stool we bought for the bathroom (that he uses to reach the sink for handwashing and brushing teeth). He's discovered he can take it to OTHER ROOMS! :) He likes to set it up under a light switch so he can turn it on and off himself, or reach on high shelves. He still uses a chair from the kitchen to get up to the counter when helping cook.

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