March 27, 2006

I can't believe he ate the whole thing!

Here is a picture of my brother Blake about to dig into a heapin' plate of haggis while in Scotland on his honeymoon with his lovely wife Kristen:

Blake Eating Haggis.jpg

More pics/stories of their trip available on Kristen's blog: CLICK HERE

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March 21, 2006

PJ Update March '06

Just a few notes and then some pics taken using a cell phone.

You take the good and take the bad...
*A lot has happened since the last post most notably the passing of Jody's mother Phyllis. All of the following pics are from the trip to Michigan for the funeral.

*We anxiously await the arrival of PJs cousin Elliott Cash Hunter in April! My Brother Brett and Sis-in-law Joey are too I bet. :)

*Frank, who was diagnosed with the same cancer Phyllis had, is still doing ok - getting a bit slower and still eating like a horse, but is alert and loving. We know he doesn't have long with us and are making the best of our last days together.

I, Robot & Other Games
PJs latest games are:

*Sliding his feet across the floor and saying, "Robot. Robot."

*Placing a sock on his hand, calling it Sockie and running around saying, "Hallo! Hallo! Hallo!" A few times he's gone to sleep with Sockie on his hand or asks for it if he is drinking cold milk.

*He also likes to point at us and call us different names, like pointing to mom and saying Frankie and himself saying daddy, etc. If we do it he says, "Not that game!" and laughs.

*Another new favorite is from Caleb who entertained PJ at a restaurant by letting PJ give him five and saying "OW!" and blowing on his hand. PJ still talks about "Fun with Caleb", but when he says his name it sounds a bit like Ketchup.
fun with Caleb.jpg

Going to Daycare is "Fun with Kids" and the Science Mueseum is "Fun with Dinosaurs"

He enjoys "Mommy, Daddy, PJ Days" the best and so do we.

Here are some more pics from our recent trip to Michigan:

PJ and I flew on the plane by ourselves - I'm glad he was a good boy!
PJ on Plane.jpg

This is PJ with Casey (or is that Charlie?)
PJ and Casey.jpg

TV w/ JW (Jonathan William)
watching TV with JW.jpg

Church Basement Dancers 1
church basement dancers.jpg

Church Basement Dancers 2
more church basement dancing.jpg

PJ w/ TD (Trenton Dean) 1
with Trenton 1.jpg

PJ w/ TD 2
with Trenton 2.jpg

Hard Hat Kids Table
hard hat area kids table.jpg

My Salute to Church Basement Coffee
church basement coffee cup.jpg

Phyllis' church (Lutheran btw) really gave an excellent service and put out a great meal for the family. Jody's sister Sandra wrote and spoke the Family portion of the service and it was so well done . She'd make a great pastor.

Well, I think that's all for now. Hope you are all well.

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