April 17, 2007

April Update (by Jody)

Adaline will be 3 months old on Wednesday April 18.
She weights a little over 9 pounds and loves to smile
and "talk." She was baptised on Sunday April 15. She
looked beatiful in her gown (which my neice, Jill,
wore 30 years ago). She was such a good baby during
the service and her eyes just seemed to shine - which
to me seemed like she was channeling (maybe not right
word...) all those who went before her and couldn't be
there in person (my mom and dad and her
great-grandparents Nora and Philip III).

I have returned to work and will work M, W, F. Phil
will be home on Fridays. So, Adaline and PJ will have
a "fun with kids day" (what we call daycare) on M & W
and be home with either of us on T, TH, & Fs. So far
the days she's gone to daycare, our provider says "she
is such a good baby!"

PJ has about a month and a half left of preschool.
We've applied to have him do a summer preschool
program at the Dodge Nature Center about a mile from
our house. Their curriculum will include a focus on
animals (they have a farm) and growing plants. I don't
know yet if they have a spot available for him. If
they did, he would go this summer on Tuesday and
Thursday afternoons. On the application they ask how
your child/family will bring diversity to their school
(by way of language, income, family structure)... We
are so non-diverse it isn't funny (but then so are the
majority of kids who go there) so I just put down that
PJ can count to 10 in spanish!

PJ is really into Curious George right now. He
watches it every weekday on PBS before dinner (so we
can get dinner made!). He'll say to Phil "you be the
man with the yellow hat and I'll be curious George."
The one episode where George tries to get a dinosaur
bone from a museum display and hurts his leg and has
to go to the doctor for an X-ray has really made an
impression on him...because he recently went to the
doctor for pain in his right leg and had an X-ray -
just like George. He also talks about the show with
his friend Nicholas from daycare and the neighbor girl
that's his age, Alice. PJ played with Alice outside
today and I heard him say several times "let's talk
about George now" and she would say "Otay" because she
cannot pronounce her Ks or Cs. It's cute when we are
out for a walk and she says "you have to watch out for
tars [cars]." Her family has two cats which she calls
her "titties." It just kills me.

Here are a few pictures of PJ and Adaline from the
months of March and April. The ones with other family
members are from our Easter Sunday brunch at the Afton
Inn. As Rachel Ray would say, it was "yummo!"


PJ and Adaline pic.jpg

"When PJ is at daycare I lie in his bed and play with his toys."
with PJ's toys.jpg

PJ & Elliott at Easter Brunch

PJ and Elliott Easter Brunch.jpg

Prince Elliott Turns 1
Prince Elliott.jpg

Boys in Irish Sweaters Out for a Stroll.
Blake and PJ on Easter.jpg

Grandma Hunter and Adaline

Lynn and Adaline Easter Brunch.jpg

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February 23, 2007

Bunch o' Pics 3/6/07 Update

Adaline is 6 weeks old on March 7. We've just been using Adaline exclusively now - she can use Ada if she wants later. She just seems like an Adaline more than an Ada. She's rolled over twice from her belly to back and is smiling
already. Not sure of her weight currently until we go to the 2 mth appt. Today was her first day at daycare because Mommy had to go to a conference. PJ will be proud to show her off to the kids.

It Needs New Batteries Daddy!

Necessary Supplies and Equipment

PJ and Elliott Playing With Balloon

Holding Adaline




PJ and the Chair
New Chair.jpg

She isn't really that yellow...PJ got her this monkey

Proud Big Brother

PJ took this pic

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January 27, 2007

More Pics 2

Still More - Thanks Blake and Kristen!

Click Here

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More Pics 1

More Pics (Thanks Brett and Joey!)





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April 10, 2006

Elliott Cash Hunter

I am an uncle! Through marriage I've been an uncle for sometime now - it's a bit different though because they are pretty much the same age as me! :) Elliott is a darling little fellow and a blessing to our family. We were trying to figure out what color Elliott's eyes were; PJ thought they looked green and called Elliot a "green crayon".

Here are some pics (thanks to Blake and Kristen - I forgot my camera again! I love the pic of PJ reacting to the fact there is now a new baby in the family.

Baby signage.jpg

The new family.jpg

Blake and Elliott.jpg

Kristen and Elliott.jpg

Jody and Elliott.jpg

PJ realizes there is a new baby.jpg

PJ and his cousin Elliott.jpg

Uncle Phil and Elliott.jpg

Open yours eyes already.jpg

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March 27, 2006

I can't believe he ate the whole thing!

Here is a picture of my brother Blake about to dig into a heapin' plate of haggis while in Scotland on his honeymoon with his lovely wife Kristen:

Blake Eating Haggis.jpg

More pics/stories of their trip available on Kristen's blog: CLICK HERE

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March 21, 2006

PJ Update March '06

Just a few notes and then some pics taken using a cell phone.

You take the good and take the bad...
*A lot has happened since the last post most notably the passing of Jody's mother Phyllis. All of the following pics are from the trip to Michigan for the funeral.

*We anxiously await the arrival of PJs cousin Elliott Cash Hunter in April! My Brother Brett and Sis-in-law Joey are too I bet. :)

*Frank, who was diagnosed with the same cancer Phyllis had, is still doing ok - getting a bit slower and still eating like a horse, but is alert and loving. We know he doesn't have long with us and are making the best of our last days together.

I, Robot & Other Games
PJs latest games are:

*Sliding his feet across the floor and saying, "Robot. Robot."

*Placing a sock on his hand, calling it Sockie and running around saying, "Hallo! Hallo! Hallo!" A few times he's gone to sleep with Sockie on his hand or asks for it if he is drinking cold milk.

*He also likes to point at us and call us different names, like pointing to mom and saying Frankie and himself saying daddy, etc. If we do it he says, "Not that game!" and laughs.

*Another new favorite is from Caleb who entertained PJ at a restaurant by letting PJ give him five and saying "OW!" and blowing on his hand. PJ still talks about "Fun with Caleb", but when he says his name it sounds a bit like Ketchup.
fun with Caleb.jpg

Going to Daycare is "Fun with Kids" and the Science Mueseum is "Fun with Dinosaurs"

He enjoys "Mommy, Daddy, PJ Days" the best and so do we.

Here are some more pics from our recent trip to Michigan:

PJ and I flew on the plane by ourselves - I'm glad he was a good boy!
PJ on Plane.jpg

This is PJ with Casey (or is that Charlie?)
PJ and Casey.jpg

TV w/ JW (Jonathan William)
watching TV with JW.jpg

Church Basement Dancers 1
church basement dancers.jpg

Church Basement Dancers 2
more church basement dancing.jpg

PJ w/ TD (Trenton Dean) 1
with Trenton 1.jpg

PJ w/ TD 2
with Trenton 2.jpg

Hard Hat Kids Table
hard hat area kids table.jpg

My Salute to Church Basement Coffee
church basement coffee cup.jpg

Phyllis' church (Lutheran btw) really gave an excellent service and put out a great meal for the family. Jody's sister Sandra wrote and spoke the Family portion of the service and it was so well done . She'd make a great pastor.

Well, I think that's all for now. Hope you are all well.

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January 24, 2006

A Long Overdue PJ Post, (Which Also Happens to be Very Long) Part Three

Even More!

PJ and Kitchen
PJ and kitchen 2005.jpg

PJ and Pumpkin
PJ and pumpkin 2005.jpg

PJ and Pancakes

PJ eating pancakes.jpg

PJ in his Room
PJ in his room 2005.jpg

PJ Under the Tree

PJ under tree 2005.jpg

PJ Playing with Stein

playing with stein.jpg

Reading with Grandma Hunter

reading with Grandma Hunter.jpg

Reading with Grandma Jackson
reading with Grandma Jackson.jpg

Ring Around the Rosy
ring around the rosy.jpg

Sliding in the Jungle Room

sliding 2005.jpg

Winter Fun with Daddy

winter 2005.jpg

Listening to Daddy
with daddy and guitar.jpg

Working on the "Puter"
working on the puter.jpg

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A Long Overdue PJ Post, (Which Also Happens to be Very Long) Part Two

Here are some pics of PJ family and friends from years 2 to 2.5 in no particular order:

CHEERS! with "Faif"

count to six.jpg

Eating Cheerios with Johnathan
eating cheerios with cousin jonathan.jpg

Emma and Liam
emma and liam at birthday 2005.jpg

Daddy and Mommy Going to a Movie
jody and phil 2005.jpg

Hugging Stein
giving stein a hug.jpg

Mickey and Molly

mickey and molly 2005.jpg

Cuddling After a Bath with Mommy
mommy's baby.jpg

PJ and Uncle Blake
PJ and Blake 2005.jpg

PJ and Faith - 2 years old

PJ and Faith two years old.jpg

PJ and Gus on Plane to Michigan

PJ and Gus on plane.jpg

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June 29, 2005

Jackson Family Pics

Baby Pics of Jody's Family

The Girls





Jody's Mom, Phyllis

And now Phyllis and John (Papa) as young adults


Hope you enjoyed them!

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June 8, 2005

Blake and Kristen's Wedding

And now a post from my lovely wife Jody:

Here are some pictures from Blake’s, Phil's brother's,
wedding that took place on Sunday of Memorial weekend.
Phil stood up for him and PJ was the ring bearer.

To celebrate their heritages, the wedding had Scottish
and Irish influences -- Scottish for the name Hunter
(although Phil's family is really more Norwegian than
anything else) and Irish for Kristen’s, the bride's
family, the O'Herron's.

The men in the wedding party wore kilts -- the groom,
Phil, their brother Brett, their friend Scott, the
bride's brother Sean, and PJ. Phil and his brothers wore
the Hunter plaid fabric (tartan), PJ wore the
"Blackwatch" tartan, the bride's brother wore the
ancient Irish plaid called “All Ireland Blue” and
Scott wore the more recent Irish plaid called “Irish National.”
There was a bagpiper who played during the ceremony dressed
in his own national fabric.

The men were also decked out with all of the
accessories too -- including the little "purse-like"
bag called a sporran (Phil doesn’t like me calling it a purse).
Blake and Kristen made PJ a sporran out of a coin purse with a lion’s
face and glued ribbon on it so it could hang around his
waist. They had the little colored flag elastic
things to go around their legs to hold up their socks.
They had a large pin to hold the kilts together at the hemline.
And all (except PJ) had a fake knife tucked
into their socks.

Kristen, the bride (smart, funny and creative—a sewer,
photographer, scrapbooker!!) wore a vintage-looking gown and
her hair was worn in a 40s-inspired “Up-Do”. She had a scarve, made out
of the same Irish national tartan as her brother wore, pinned to her wedding dress.
As you can see from the photos, she carried herself with elegance
and appeared as if she stepped out of a wedding photo from another era.

PJ did a great job of ringbearing given his age. He
did proceed walking by himself while holding onto Phil's
hand. But as you could sort of see in one of the
pictures he appeared as if he wanted to bury his head
in his arm. He was a total Daddy's boy that weekend,
so he didn't sit with me, but wanted to stand up on
the steps with Phil. He was a little distracting
throughout the ceremony as he played the up-down game
-- repeatedly standing up and sitting down on the
steps and laughing. For a while he stood on the step
right below Blake and dinked around. Several people
said afterwards they weren't sure if he was going to
reach up and pull on Blake's kilt. When people
clapped at the end of the ceremony he got a big smile
and clapped too. He probably thought the applause was
for him.

The flower girl was Kristen's niece Miaraed (pronounced
like Parade). She wore a fairy outfit to represent
the whimsy of Irish/Scottish culture. PJ, with his
name of Philip John, the sixth Philip in the Hunter
family, represented the past and future of family (they
had a lot of neat details in the ceremony like this).
Miaraed is adorable and smart way beyond her years. She
was a little girl, but at the same time reminded me of
a wise old woman - one of those people with a very old
soul born into their bodies. She went and sat with
her Grandmother during the service, otherwise I think
she would have performed an interpretive dance
throughout the ceremony with the two roses she was

That's about it. We had a great time. There was a
brunch afterwards with great food and desserts (including
Scottish shortbread cookies). I am really lucky
with the sister and brother-in-laws I have.


PJ's friend Faith loves "Danny Boy" (inside joke) (sorry Bob)

And now a bunch o' pics!:










PJ had a special song sung just for him! (He liked the guitar playing - he played better than Dad!)

Why yes that is a flask of Glenfiddich, thank you very much! And yes, it really does make the perfect Father's Day gift...

Boyz in Da Kilts - The Lady's seem to dig it...


and now....here he is...PJ!

Whew! Oh and you can call me sporran a purse all ye want Misses! I can fit a diaper in there...

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