January 24, 2005

Fla. Right-To-Die Case

Link to Reuter's Article

One thing I hope everyone agrees on here is the need for living wills. Personally I feel the family needs to let this woman die with dignity and that the spouse should have the power of decision in this case all along. Shame on Jeb Bush for exploiting the issue in an effort for political gain - Leave the government out of this stuff! It would have been better if the Supreme Court would have made a difinitive judgment here - her family keeps jerking her around. What an awful way to live all these years - a sad story all around. I don't have a living will yet, but I have discussed my wishes with several folks - but I need to clarify it the best I can.

My wife Jody who works in medical research has proposed a survey for the members of the HMO she works for to find out if people have living wills and if not, what the obstacles are that prevent them from doing so. Isn't she a smarty?

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January 21, 2005

FCC Chairman Resignation Rumors

I for one hope this rumor is true. He has let small far-right religious groups have too much power over his decisions. Although I doubt W would put in anyone more moderate. I know there are moderate Repubicans out there and one of them must be good for the FCC, but I am sure there is a wish in the administration to keep the heat on the entertainment industry in regards to even the most bland sexual references - "all the violence you want is fine, no matter how graphic, but we must crack down on the sex!"

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September 14, 2004

Why Centrists/Moderates should vote Left in 2004


"People have got more money in their pockets because of the tax relief.
Our economy is stronger because people are keeping more of what they
earn." --George W. Bush in a recent speech

Huh? I haven't felt any real relief. The cost of living keeps going
up and wages haven't kept up with those increases. I think I could
afford an extra sody pop a week with the tax cut. I'll need that extra
caffeine now that I am working harder for less.

I am a centrist/moderate in part because I am a member of the
beleaguered middle-class. They say people "vote with their pocket book"
and in my case that is the case. There is no viable third party - which
in my opinion would have to come from the center, so I tend to lean to
the left in elections. I have voted Republican once - Arne Carlson, a
moderate Republicans running for Governor of MN and I have voted
Independent several times - including for Jesse Ventura. He wasn't as much of a centrist as I was hoping, but anyway...

Both parties are not doing enough for the middle-class and it is being
eroded year by year - no matter who is in office. A strong middle-class
is required to have a solvent Democracy and it cannot shoulder the tax
burden solely. The right generally works for tax cuts for the wealthy -
don't they have enough loop-holes? - and the left tends to concentrate
on helping the poor (granted that is a very noble idea, and I agree as long as it doesn't come at the expense of the middle-class). I believe you should
be able to raise the minimum wage, create jobs AND help the middle class
without "overtaxing the rich". I am not talking "pie-in-the-sky" stuff
here either.

It should be noted that taxes are not inherently evil. Without them we
would have no services or infrastructure to speak of. We pay less taxes
than most if not all industrialized countries - get over it! Pay your
share and vote and hold your representatives to task so they don't waste
money. If they do, don't vote for them next time. I know this
oversimplifies the issue somewhat, but I really hate it when I hear we
are over taxed. That's BS. This being said, steps do need to be taken
to help the middle-class and this could include shifting a portion of
the tax burden away from them. Increasing the minimum wage *could* help
- sort of a trickle up as opposed to Reagan's downward trickle (if the
rich pay less taxes, this will create jobs mumbo-jumbo). Granted, I am
not an economist. All I know is that is difficult for my family to make
ends meet and my wife and I have pretty good paying jobs and health
insurance! We do not live extravagantly. We don't need to "keep up
with the Jones' ". It wasn't so long ago that only one person needed to
work to support the whole family - and have money left over for

Day care and housing costs are partly to blame. Perhaps my wife and I
should have stayed in our smaller, impossible-to-child-proof home.
Perhaps we shouldn't have had children to begin with. But we wanted
children, shouldn't it be easier to afford them? I think so. We would
like to have another child, but we literally can't afford it. You'd
think those of the "family values" camp would have some ideas beyond the
child tax credit, but most of them don't seem to live in the same world
I do, which could explain things.

If only one of us had to work, that would save hundreds of dollars a
month - which could, call me strange for thinking this...be used for
savings?! The average person in the middle-class has what - $8000 in
credit card debt? Doesn't that tell those "in charge" something? If we
are struggling even slightly, I can't imagine what single parents, etc
are going through! Luckily we have been able to hold our credit cards
down considerably below the national average, but we've had to make some
interesting choices/sacrifices to do so and in my opinion any credit card debt is too much.

I guess these are some of the reasons I am leaning further to the left
than I normally do this election. The country has shifted farther to
the right in the past few years and I don't believe they have the right
ideas to fix these issues. They have proven this beyond a doubt to me
anyway. We centrists need to vote further left this time to try and
balance out the rightward trend - thereby shifting the government's
policies more to the center. Kerry seems closer to the middle than Bush anyway. Bush has been a lot farther to the right than he said he would be. He has misled the American People.

Other reasons other than economically-speaking include:
--erosion of personal freedoms
--the balance of the Supreme Court is right-leaning already and could
even shift further right if Bush is re-elected
--Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terror and the world is less
safe now than it was before the invasion. We should be focusing on Al
Queda and finishing our work in Afghanistan but now we have opened up
Iraq to chaos and anarchy. Saddam should have been dealt with, but the
timing was wrong.
--Bush has a double-standard with Putin in regards to Russia's Islamic
Fundamentalist problem - he asks Putin to negotiate with them even after
the recent barbaric atrocities they have committed. What happened to
"we can't negotiate with terrorists"?
--erosion of our alliances throughout the world
--erosion of precious and crucial separation of church and state
--gun control policies too lax
--lack of peace plan/efforts in Middle East

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