Analysis: News Lead of North Dakota Shootings Story

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The story titled, "Tribe mourns woman, children dead in N.D. shootings," has a clear and concise news lead. The Star Tribune reported, "RAPID CITY, S.D. - A South Dakota tribe mourned Sunday after three of its members, a mother and two children, were found dead in shootings at two separate North Dakota homes." This news lead contains all of the essential details of the story in one quick sentence. It contains a "where," "when," "who," and "what" in the lead. The news lead is general enough to summarize the story, yet at the same time it is not too general or vague.

The lead gives the reader all of the details they must know to understand what happened. It does not go too in depth about the how, which would make the lead too lengthy and detailed. It simply says "...found dead in shootings at two separate North Dakota homes." By keeping it general, the lead gets directly to the point and allows the rest of the story to explain how the shootings took place at two separate homes. It gives enough detail to know who was hurt and where this incident took place. The news lead gives the most important facts first, that people died, and then explains where. The lead successfully captures the reader's attention and sets up the rest of the story for more detail.

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