Analysis: Information Order in Drug Arrest Story

The reporter of the Star Tribune article, "83-year-old arrested over 4-plus pounds of khat," opens the story with all of the key details. The lead includes who, what, where, when and why. The reporter presented all of the information in one long sentence. This method is effective because it tells what happened quickly and keeps the reader interested in the story.

Next, the reporter explains a quick background about the drug khat and links it to issues Minneapolis is having with it. Then the reporter explains how the 83-year-old was arrested and where he was being held. Finally, the reporter ends by explaining more about the drug khat. The reporter summarized all of the important facts in the first sentence, which was effective. However, the order of the rest of the story does not seem to flow. It would have made more sense to explain how the man was arrested directly after the lead, and then clump the two fact blocks about khat together after.

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