Analysis: Elizabeth Taylor's Obituary

On March 23, 2011, actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away. Her obituary in the New York Times, A Lustrous Pinnacle of Hollywood Glamour, starts with a standard lead. It lists her name, her prominence and what she was known for, when and where she died, followed by another sentence saying her age.

The second paragraph of the obituary describes how she died. The reporter used Taylor's publicist as a source, along with a spokeswoman from the hospital. Later in the obituary they quote a director she worked with for one of the movies she acted in.

This obituary differs greatly from a resume because it is told in a story-like way. It does not simply list out facts and numbers from Taylor's life. Instead, it captures her personality, achievements, and how she lived her life. The obituary quotes people who knew her to describe and commemorate her. The obituary goes into long detail about how she was as a person.

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