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Our Grandmothers Did It, So Can We! Reuse Cards

How many times have you received a card that you think a friend may enjoy too? How can we begin to pass on the fun? When in the spirit of sending a card rather than write directly on the card insert your comments on a separate sheet of paper (recycled of course) or a recipe card and encourage the receiver to reuse the actual card then the fun can be shared over and over again. (Posted by Mark Olson)


For years I save beautiful images from cards--like the card that Aveda used to use for their gift cards--then I cut out various parts of the image and lovely cardstock and use these as gift tags. I also re-cycle pretty bits of ribbon to tie the gift tag. I punch a hole through the gift tag, and tie this all on the present or gift bag (I really like bags for a lot of reasons). It's amazing how many gorgeous pieces of paper come in the form of invitations as well (and yes, I save these too). Re-use, recycle rocks!

My mother has for many years used post-it notes (smallest size) in greeting cards so they can be reused. She said that her parents always sent unsigned cards so that they could be reused. That would have been before recycling and reuse became popular.