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March 26, 2008

Recycling at the U - What's Possible?

Pop quiz: Which is acceptable for recycling here at the University, hardcover books or cereal boxes? Whether you know the answer or not (it's both!), it never hurts to brush up on your recycling dos and don'ts. For more information, go to the University recycling guidelines or contact the Recycling Hotline at 612-625-8084 for up-to-the-minute advice on what can and can't be recycled (things change, ya know!).

March 19, 2008

Got Gas Pain? Ride the Bus

Avoid auto annoyance by taking public transit to work. You'll be saving on gas and helping the environment (the average Twin Cities commuter puts a remarkable *2.6 tons* of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere every year by driving alone to work!) MetroTransit's user-friendly Trip Planner can help you become an eco-conscious commuter in no time.

Also, consider getting a Metropass. Metropass is a bus pass that offers unlimited rides 24 hours a day. It's valid on all regular routes, as well as express, local, limited-stop, or Downtown Zone routes. And best of all, it only costs $45 per month! For more information, visit the University's Metropass program.

March 10, 2008

Smart Plastics

Here's a tip sheet on
Smart Plastics (PDF)I got at the Heart of the Beast after their recent "Beneath the Surface" production about using tap water instead of bottled water (apparently Minneapolis has a great H2O filter).

Non-Toxic Cleaning

Here are some tips on Safe Cleaning (PDF) (without the use of toxic chemicals) that Megan grabbed at an In the Heart of the Beast performance.