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Clean Up Week in Pattee: March 9-13, 2009

Spring is nearly here! The Clean and Green Committee has designated March 9 - 13 as clean up week. We're asking each program area to set up a schedule and develop a plan for how they will clean up both common and individual work areas. If you are part of a common area, but do not have a plan for cleaning up that area, please discuss this with your colleagues and try to put a plan in place.

We will designate on each floor:
* Large recycle bins
* A donate location for furniture and other items to be picked up and taken to the Reuse Center (pickup is on Friday, March 13).
* A location for old computer equipment that needs to be looked over an possibly donated (pickup to be determined)
* A room to store boxes with research documents that will need to go to the storage facility in Rosemount (pickup date to be determined).

Please let Pam Stenhjem know if you have any questions or need assistance with planning. Thanks!