December 3, 2008

"Seventeen Years"

Ratatat's first single "Seventeen Years" is a great example of their stylistic value. The abstract melody is developed by a polyphony of two guitars, synthesized chords, and digital drumbeats. It evokes an emotive feel in the listener, touching on different "areas" that make this piece unique and appealing. This is truly a favorite of mine, even after having heard it so many times.

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A Multitude of Musical Genres Fuse in Ratatat's Work

It is somewhat difficult to categorize Ratatat into one genre because they show traces of so many in their music. The two most prevalent ones, indie rock and electronica, combine with elements of hip-hop, psychedelica, and rock, and consequently, attract diverse audiences. I take a look at some influential artists of these genres, examine the qualities of their styles, and provide a brief overview of the history as well.

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Under the Influence of Ratatat

I was already a fan of Ratatat when I saw them perform at 1st Avenue (Minneapolis) in late September of 2008. However, seeing them live was hearing their music on a whole new level, and afterwards my interest in them increased tremendously. They created an electric aura that radiated to and mesmorized each member of the audience, giving them much more than they had expected to experience. These are observations of my account.

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