February 17, 2005

Polar Bear Plunge

Jordan, Amanda, and I all jumped into Lake Superior...

It was a cold February's day, February fifth to be exact. The trek up to Superior was a long and perilous journey, in the old van, with the rear tire that leaked air, and the screwed up front end that shook like a little bitch constantly whenever the van was moving. But we braved the elements none the less. As we neared Superior, we entered a heavy fog, but our nerves were not shaken, we would not be stopped. We finally arrived, got ourselves checked in, and then a short time later, we were on our way to brave the trecherous waters of Lake Superior. We arrived at the site of the jump. Jordan and I were both eager to jump into the frigid waters, Amanda was not so zealous. We all jumped, into the waters, Amanda would never return back to the waters after she left them. But as for Jordan and myself, we returned to the waters not once more, not twice more, but three more times, vowing to return next year and enter the waters once more.
Here's a few pictures of what it looked like:

Polar Bear Plunge Amanda (smaller).jpg
Amanda in the water

Polar Bear Plunge (After) (smaller).jpg
All of us after our first jumps

Just a side note, we didn't just do this for the hell of it (well, we kinda did) it was for the Minnesota special olympics. We had to raise $75 each, which was a hell of a lot harder to do than we thought. Next year, we'll do a little better.

Posted by husm0017 at February 17, 2005 11:10 PM