February 19, 2005

A First Date

Holy shit. Most interesting first date I've even been on.

It was last night (Friday). I'm not gonna go into much detail, if ya really want to know, just ask me. I'll give you a few highlights to grab your attention. Drunken roomates, snot from a crying girl's nose being blown onto my shirt, my neck being bitten. It was a crazy night.

So here's how the story goes, I'll probably forget some shit the first time, but oh well, what are ya gonna do? Anyways, the whole thing starts out like this, Garrett sends a message through the facebook to Dani, sayin how much I like her and want to ask her out so badly but am too scarred, or some shit like that, I'll try to get the exact message up later. Anyways, she messages back to him, sayin how she knows, and something to the effect of how she was sure I would ask her out. So what's a guy to do? I asked her out of course, why the hell not? She seemed like a cool girl, so why not. So I call her up, she didn't answer. About 30 minutes later, she calls back, but I was in my chemistry lecture, so i couldnt answer, but she left a message. I debated on whether or not i should leave lecture early and call her back, but i decided to wait, time was not of the essense. After lecture, I listened to the message, and gave her a call back. She didnt answer. I left her a message asking if she wanted to get somethin to eat after she got off work (she was at work, she told me in the message). So she calls me back after she gets off work, and we decide on a time to go eat. I dont have a vehicle, and she does, so she came over to T-hall and picked me up, and we started driving, without actually picking a place to eat. After driving around for a while, we picked buffalo wild wings in blaine. But as we were driving there, she remembered it was friday and she cant eat meat. so we go to TGIFridays instead. We get seated and look through the menus and whatnot. She orders a shrimp salad, I ordered a three course meal thing, first course was chicken quesadillas, which she ate some of (along with the meat). Then came the entrees. I had gotten the sizzling shrimp. It actually sizzled when it was brought out, it was nuts. We started eating and after a while my shrimp stopped sizzling, and I said (this is for your Watson) "My shrimp is broken." So we finished up eating and then came desert, some cheesecake, which was excellent. Throughout the dinner I also had about 4 vanilla cokes... which was a bad idea. After dinner we go back to her house and I get the grand tour. Her room was an insanely huge mess, it was great, you literally couldn't see the floor, it was completely covered in clothers. Reminded me of my dorm. And I almost forgot of the pictures which she showed me of her and Aurora kissing, not making out, just kissing. So we then sit down on the couch and watch the movie Cellular. There was no pressure at all, and so I immediately put my arm around her, and she approved. We watched the movie, and then after the movie was when I moved in and we made out for 30 seconds, tops. After that we moved into her friend's(Aurora) room because we had to watch The Royal Tennabams, and the only place it could be watched was in Aurora's room. So we lay down in bed, and I got my arm around her, and then Aurora comes home and walks in to the room. Dani and I aren't doing anything, but Aurora is drunk as all hell, and crawls onto bed and is stradling Dani, and whispering things to her. Keep in mind that these are "drunken whispers", so I could easily hear everything. It wasn't anything big, just how much Aurora likes Dani. The wierd thing was how every once in a while Aurora would look over at me and hit me. She justified the hittings by saying "oh we went to high school together". Which we did, but I really didnt know her that well. Anyways, she leans down to give Dani a hug, and when she comes up, her boob is hanging out of her little tank top, which Dani promptly put away for her. Aurora left after a while, and then came back, and crawled back on the bed, this time laying across us with her face in my stomach, and she's crying of course, and so she starts to blow her nose in my shirt. Then she moves her head, and does it again. She lifts up her head after that, and then lets it fall back down, right into her own snot. At some other point thoughout the night, she was stradling me, and she asks me If I had the hots for Elise Doll (a girl who went to my high school) and I say no, and then she leans down to my ear and whispers to me, "who do you have the hots for now?" And I dont say anything, and she says to me "if you dont tell me I'll bite you". I still dont say anything, and then she actually starts to bite my neck! I couldn't believe it, she just clamped down and kept biting, hard. She eventually let go, and she didnt break skin, but I had a huge mark on my neck for the next day or so. At some other point throughout the night(i cant remember everything exactly) Aurora had gone from saying, "no spermies" to "if youre gonna do anything, wear protection, because i dont want you dirting Dani up" This was after she had whispered in my ear "i'll assume you're a virgin." Yeah, makes perfect sense to me too. Anyways, she finally left but by that time the movie was over, so we put in another one, Requim for a Dream. We start watching that, and Dani falls asleep almost immediatly, but i wanted to see the movie, so I stayed up. After the movie, she was still asleep, so I just went to sleep too.
So a date, which I had originally planned on being only lunch, turned out to be dinner, 3 movies and a sleep over. Fucking nuts.

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