April 17, 2005

Stealing Pizza

Hershey stole and ate the rest of Jordan's pizza.

In fact he's eating it right now. And as we speak, Watson is telling us a story of a horrible nine topping, 22 inch pizza for $5. INSANE! It smelt like ass, and tasted like it too, so Watson says. Anyways though, Hershey's still eating the pizza, and Watson just began laughing out of nowhere. He gave a situation of what I would do if he got up into my bed right now and went to sleep. He claims that I would do nothing, or maybe yell. I think to myself, "I'm typing all of this right now, damn, how can those court transcript people do it? I can't even come close to keeping up." But enought of my ramblings, I just wanted to say Hershey is eating Jordan's pizza. Someone told to put this in my blog...I think...maybe not, either way, it's here now, and it won't go away.

Until next time

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A Few Recent Events

A few things happened in the past couple days that I need to write down before I forget...shit, I'm already forgetting.

Well I don't know where to begin, so I'm just going to start. First things first, last night (Friday night) after I had fallen asleep, I was awoken by two kids standing in my doorway. They might have said something to me, and I might have talked back, but I remember, I wasn't fully awake. I seem to remember though them saying something about stealing something, but I'm not exactly sure. Either way, these two kids who I'm pretty sure I don't actually know, had to open my door to be standing there. Now, my door wasn't locked, but it was shut, but still, that's really wierd to have two people I don't know, open my door. What made them think that it would be a good idea to try to open a door, and that the door they picked was mine? I dunno, it's wierd. But that is only the beginning.
I woke up this morning (Saturday) and went to go pee. I walk in and there's a kid walkin around the bathroom naked, with his buddy standing there too, laughing. I had no idea what the hell was going on, so I peed as fast as I could and got the hell out of there. Some wierd ass mother fuckers.
Another thing that happened today was a kinda of explosion/fireball/electical spark. I was screwing around with a computer power supply, and for whatever reason, I thought it would be ok to pull out a fuse that had blown, and replace it with a wire. Now, fuses don't usually just blow for the hell of it, but I wasn't thinking. Anyway, I hook up a disk drive to the power supply, to see if it works, which it did. But then as I put the cover back on the power supply, a little part of it kinda explodes, and from what I remember and what Watson says, it was pretty big. So I open the door and open the window and start fanning out the smoke as fast as I can so the alarms wouldn't go off, which they didn't. Everything is good.
By the way, if a building administrator is reading this, this is just a work of fiction, any relation to actual events is completely coincidental.

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April 14, 2005


Who's the genius behind some of these fashion trends?

Girls buying pants with rips and tears already in them. I can't believe they actually pay extra for those. IT'S INSANE!
Hobo or Trendy Girl.jpg
You can find a hobo with the same pair of pants, but they didn't pay extra for those holes.

Another thing is the new trucker hat fad. I don't really have a problem with the hats, but the fact that a style that truckers have had for years is now being stolen by little preps kinda pisses me off.
Trucker or Trendy.jpg
Real trucker hats cost $3 at any truck stop. But these kids will go out and pay $15-20 dollars for a "trucker" hat. Shit, I guess it's there own money they're throwing away. Fucking preps.

But the worst thing that I've ever seen is the fake bake. The girls (and occasionally guys) who go out and tan every day until their skin has become a nasty burnt orange color and looks like it has the consistancy of leather. It's disgusting. A little color can be nice, but when you turn you skin into leather, its just fucking gross. I can't believe that they actually think that it looks good too.
Fake Bake.jpg
It's so fucking bad.

By the way, I'm not the best artist. I can't draw certain body parts, such as hands, and feet, and faces. Oh well, I get my point across.

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April 7, 2005

Practical Jokes

It all started with a simple little joke...

Garrett was in the shower, and me, being the jokester I am, decide to throw a little bit of cold water over the wall into Garrett's shower. By "a little bit" I mean, I filled up a 4 gallon trash can with cold water and dumped it on Garrett. He doesn't say anything at first, then he storms out of the shower, thankfully he quickly grabbed his towel, and he came after me. Nothing much happened out of that, and he went back into his shower. Funny thing is, he forgot to take off his towel before getting back into the shower, but that even seemed to turn out all right. Garrett vowed revenge on me, and I laughed it off and began to take my own shower. Well, revenge came a lot sooner than I expected, and as I go to leave the shower, I discover my towel has been stolen. All I had was the bucket I used to dump water on Garrett, and I was going to use it to cover my wacky places, but at the last minute I decide to use a shower curtain instead. I walk out and there's Amy standing at the end of the hall (good thing i used the curtain) and my door was also locked when I got there. Well anyways though, I got some pictures of it, because Watson was kind enough to grab a camera, maybe I'll upload some later, I dunno. In other news though...
That night I froze Garrett's keys in a cup of water, and then he stole all of my left shoes. We seem to be in a cease fire for now, but the war is not over...

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April 5, 2005

Broken Down

Friday night...well Saturday morning I guess, my truck broke down.

Watson, Jordan, Amy, and I all decided to go to Perkings around 1:30am Friday night, and since I had my truck on campus, we all piled in. We got to Perkins, ordered, ate, talked, and then left. On the way home, just as we were getting to the University and 35W intersection (after getting off the highway) my truck just dies. We had to fucking push my truck to the BP a couple blocks away, were I checked the shit out to see if it could be fixed real quick.
Broken Down Truck 6 (smaller).jpg
Well, long story short, it was something more complicated than could be fixed at a gas station with the tools I had (a bungie cord and a key, no lies). So Jordan called a friend of his at Alpha Gamma Delta, and she said it was ok to park the truck there. So we pushed the truck the 4 or 5 blocks over there, while Amy sat in the drivers seat laughing the whole time. We had a hell of a time parking the thing, but after a long night, we got it parked and went home. We got back around 5am.
The next day I go back to the truck, do a more in depth analysis, and deduce that it has to be something with the fuel system. My dad thought it was the fuel pump, and so we had it towed over to a shop and they took a look at it. You'll never guess what was wrong.
A wire was disconnected. A WIRE! That's not even the worst of it. It was a wire inside the truck, on the passenger side, up under the dash a little ways, where a stray foot could easily kick it off. Now, it is possible that it was coincidence that the truck died when there were people in it, but it is very possible that someone knocked the wire loose. Anyway though, the wire was reconnected, and the truck started right up. What a night.

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