October 29, 2004

Visit the Fourth

You'd think these visits would become more routine after a while, but they don't.

We got buzzed in, signed in, and were off to work. I started off doing some flash cards with one of the girls there, it was subtraction. I wish my math was that easy now, 9-5 =? Ohh, the good ole days. Now I got derivatives, and integrals and inverse hyperbolic tangents. Anyways though, I did the flash cards, and then I tried to help out one of the kids learn to count by 5's and I discovered something that day...I have no idea how to teach someone to do things like that. I don't remember how I learned, and right now its just natural to be able to count by fives, I can't teach it. I felt bad, but I guess it all turned out alright...sorta. I played my weekly dose of pool with some of the kids, and then i got in some air hockey too.
Ohhh, I almost forgot, and I felt really bad when it happened too. When I was there, one of the older girls says to me "are you here for a class for school?", and I tell her "yeah", and then she says to me, "oh, so you wouldn't be here with us poor people if you weren't forced to be." and I was kinda stunned at that, lucky for me though that Miss M. saved me and told her how we pick our classes and we know that community service is involved at the time when we pick our classes. The girl then apologized and thanked me for coming then, but I still felt bad because to be honest, I didn't know there was going to be required community service for the english class I took when I signed up for it, but that still doesn't mean that I don't enjoy doing it. I'll admit it, I come home from there feeling so much better than i did before i went there. I think we all do.

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October 25, 2004

Visit the Third

Our third visit...it went very smoothly I'd like to think. (Yeah yeah, I know I'm a few days late on this entry)

First thing I notice when we get there is that the window that was cracked before was now fixed, so that was good. We walked in, got buzzed in the next door, signed in, and were off to work. Since it was Wednesday, and it was MEA weekend, all the kids didn't have school the next day, so no one was doing homework. There were a lot of kids there too, way more than the amount that were there the two visits before. The kids were, for the most part, well behaved. This trip, I did my usual of hanging out with kids by playing pool with them, but I did a lot more as well. I played uno with some of the kids, played ping pong, and did a puzzle. The kids seem really eager to play with me, its pretty cool. We only stayed for about 2 hours this trip, but I wish we could have stayed longer, oh well. This definitly is not nearly as bad as I had once thought it might be.

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October 15, 2004

Visit, the Second

The second time volunteering at the boys and girls club went a lot smoother than the first. On a side note though, the window that was broken the first time, was still broken this time. Anyways...

getting started this time went a lot smoother and faster, and it all seemed easier. The thing that suprised me though, was the fact that so many of the kids remembered me and waved to me. It was actually really nice and made me feel more at ease. The three hours that we stayed there actually went really fast. I helped out in the tutor room for an hour or so, and then we just hung out with the kids, playing pool and what-not. One thing I really remember though, was how Laurence faked getting hit by a pool cue when Mandi was shooting. He was rolling on the ground and she thought she really hit and freaked out more or less. It was funny stuff, and we all had a good laugh. It was a good time.
On the way to the boys and girls club, we were all quiet and didn't talk much, but on the way home, we were all talking about what happened and how it was actually fun.

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October 8, 2004

First Visit (Part 2)

Alright, now I'm back, rested and ready to start over about how my first trip to the Boys and Girls club was.

The boys and girls club was not what I had expected. But when I really thought about it, I didn't really have anything in mind that I should have been expecting, so it wasn't a huge shock, it was just different.

To get there, four other people from class and I all got to be crammed into a chevy tracker (not a very big car) and we all rode together down to the club in that. When we pulled into the parking lot, I had noticed that some of the cars had 'The Club' on their steering wheels. Now this might not seem very strange, but in my home town, I had never seen a car with the club on it...ever. This was different to me, but I could accept it and believe it because nicole (the lady organizing our volunteering there) had told us if we were going to be driving, to get a club. That's enough on that, we had all then walked into the building through a set of doors that were made out of solid, clean, glass. When we left though, one of the panes of glass was cracked, a big spiderweb of cracks. It wasn't good. Anyways though, we walked into the club, and were buzzed in through the second set of doors, which in my opinion, is really cool. We filled out the volunteer book, and then met up with Nicole inside. Nicole gave us the grand tour of the place, and I got to see, for the first time ever, what the inside of a boys and girls club looked like. We then all went into a type of conference room and we quick went over some basic rules and she told us a little more about the boys and girls club. Then we were basically off to work. Two of the other volunteers and I all were doing homework, and I'll admit, I had no idea what I was really supposed to be doing. She basically just told us "go help out" and maybe I'm just good at these things, but I wasn't to sure on what exactly I could do. Either way, I eventually found something to do, which was read with a young girl there, I sat and listened as she read. We were only in the homework help area for a half hour maybe, and then homework time ended and a manners session was going on. I didn't know the manners session was going to be in the same room as the homework, so I wasn't in there for it. It was ok though, I really didn't have to be there anyway. I just sort of mingled, along with two other volunteers, around the pool area and played pool with the kids, and tried to get to know them better.
It wasn't so bad now that I think about. It wasn't easy, but I think with time it will get better and easier, I just hope that time comes soon.

Just a quick reminder of some other events that happened there. Someone who had left their keys in their car had their car stolen, kinda scary.

And this concludes the second writing of the first entry, (which is now my third entry) into my blog.

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First Visit

Although this is my first posted blog entry (I hope), it is actually the second entry I've written. You see, I had wrote a long and good entry on my first visit to the Boys and Girls Club, then i click on one of the little buttons on the side menu, and it takes to me a different web page, and when I hit back on my browser to go back to my entry to save and post it, IT WAS FUCKING GONE! Needless to say, I was pissed off, and so now I'm going to try to write at least a little bit of this entry again tonight. Oh man do I hate computers.

Yeah, I just sat here for a couple of minutes, and I realize that I'm not going to be able to write again tonight, I'll do it tomorrow morning. Did I mention I procrastanate a lot? (I can't spell either, oh well)

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