April 7, 2005

Practical Jokes

It all started with a simple little joke...

Garrett was in the shower, and me, being the jokester I am, decide to throw a little bit of cold water over the wall into Garrett's shower. By "a little bit" I mean, I filled up a 4 gallon trash can with cold water and dumped it on Garrett. He doesn't say anything at first, then he storms out of the shower, thankfully he quickly grabbed his towel, and he came after me. Nothing much happened out of that, and he went back into his shower. Funny thing is, he forgot to take off his towel before getting back into the shower, but that even seemed to turn out all right. Garrett vowed revenge on me, and I laughed it off and began to take my own shower. Well, revenge came a lot sooner than I expected, and as I go to leave the shower, I discover my towel has been stolen. All I had was the bucket I used to dump water on Garrett, and I was going to use it to cover my wacky places, but at the last minute I decide to use a shower curtain instead. I walk out and there's Amy standing at the end of the hall (good thing i used the curtain) and my door was also locked when I got there. Well anyways though, I got some pictures of it, because Watson was kind enough to grab a camera, maybe I'll upload some later, I dunno. In other news though...
That night I froze Garrett's keys in a cup of water, and then he stole all of my left shoes. We seem to be in a cease fire for now, but the war is not over...

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March 6, 2005

29 Hand

Playing Cribbage, Will got dealt a 29 point hand.

Will and Hershey were playing cribbage and Will was dealt the 29 point hand. He had 3 fives and the jack of diamonds. The cut card was the five of diamonds, giving him the best hand possible in cribbage. It was absolutely amazing.
Here's a picture:

Will's 29 hand (small).jpg

This is the breakdown of how it adds up to 29
5H 5D 5S - 2
5H 5D 5C - 4
5H 5S 5C - 6
5D 5S 5C - 8
JD 5H - 10
JD 5D - 12
JD 5S - 14
JD 5C - 16
5H 5S - 18
5H 5C - 20
5H 5D - 22
5S 5C - 24
5S 5D - 26
5D 5C - 28
JD 5D - 29

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February 17, 2005

Polar Bear Plunge

Jordan, Amanda, and I all jumped into Lake Superior...

It was a cold February's day, February fifth to be exact. The trek up to Superior was a long and perilous journey, in the old van, with the rear tire that leaked air, and the screwed up front end that shook like a little bitch constantly whenever the van was moving. But we braved the elements none the less. As we neared Superior, we entered a heavy fog, but our nerves were not shaken, we would not be stopped. We finally arrived, got ourselves checked in, and then a short time later, we were on our way to brave the trecherous waters of Lake Superior. We arrived at the site of the jump. Jordan and I were both eager to jump into the frigid waters, Amanda was not so zealous. We all jumped, into the waters, Amanda would never return back to the waters after she left them. But as for Jordan and myself, we returned to the waters not once more, not twice more, but three more times, vowing to return next year and enter the waters once more.
Here's a few pictures of what it looked like:

Polar Bear Plunge Amanda (smaller).jpg
Amanda in the water

Polar Bear Plunge (After) (smaller).jpg
All of us after our first jumps

Just a side note, we didn't just do this for the hell of it (well, we kinda did) it was for the Minnesota special olympics. We had to raise $75 each, which was a hell of a lot harder to do than we thought. Next year, we'll do a little better.

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October 25, 2004


Garrett, the king of the freezer de-icer, this one's for you...

Our freezer in our fridge had gotten a lot of ice all in it, and by a lot, i mean A LOT. Anyways, Garrett took a screwdriver to the icechunks, knocked most of it out, and we got the loaf of bread that's been in there for a month or so out. It was...intresting. Anyways, just wait for a comment from Garrett about it.

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October 16, 2004

Insomniacs, The Day After

We picked the worst week possible to try to do this stunt, and we both fell asleep around 5am saturday morning. Oh well though, I wasn't in a very good mood, I had just gotten musterd all over my pants and shoes from a dumbass stomping on a bottle. Anyways though, the time with no sleep has ended (the whole 21 hours of it).

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October 15, 2004


My neighbor and I are starting our attempt at staying up all weekend. No sleep. I'll keep you posted.

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Yeah, tonight our streak of brilliant activities continues...

First, my hand was lit on fire, by spraying axe body spray on my hand, then it got lit with a lighter. Like I said, brilliant. Anyways though, that didn't really hurt, what DID hurt though was something else we did. I lifted my shirt, and with my knowledge, and consent (I guess), it was hit with one big lighter flame, and the hair on my stomach...gone. It was...uh...intresting. But hey, I guess it was cool. Don't think I'm crazy.

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October 14, 2004


What would it feel like to be electrocuted....? Well, five of us now know what it feels like. 500,000 volts went into our legs. We all hit ourselves. Why you ask? Shit, I dunno, but I gotta say, I think we are all better men for doing it. It really didn't hurt as much as you'd think, but it sure as hell gets your attention real quick. Anyways, the batteries are now dead, our fun is over...Oh well.
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