Digital Arts Workshop Day 3

  This week was devoted to generating aspects of the project that we would need to make our film.  Our Icarus project was rooted in stop animation and so we had to develop two main aspects, the digital side as well as the real aspects.  The artificial in our project came from the computers.  For that we went gathered images before the students came to create an image bank.  This way we weren't searching online for images instead of actually working with them.
  For our film we wanted an industrial feel to reflect the tinkerer side of the story as well as our aesthetic goals.
  To put it loosely, the story of Icarus is about a genius inventor named Daedalus and his son Icarus who are locked up in a prison for defying the king.  To escape the prison, Daedalus fashions to sets of wings out of feathers and wax in order to fly away to safety.  Daedalus warns his son not to fly too low as his wings would get wet and heavy, plunging Icarus into the ocean.  He Daedalus also warns Icarus not to fly too high as the wax would melt and Icarus would fall from the heavens and meet the same fate as the former.  In the end, Icarus is too swept up by the thrill of flying and he ends up flying too close to the sun and so his wings melt and he falls out of the sky and into the sea.
  Our students were excited to take on the project and so we created our ideas.  The students took turns, one would work on collage with backgrounds digitally while the other would work with the puppets.
  The puppets were created by taking dowel rods and taking old nuts, bolts, screws, and other various tools combined with pipe cleaners to fasten them to the rods.  After creating the characters we went on to the wings which were made out of some steel wire with steel wool attached to them.  We wanted something that could deteriorate to represent the wings falling apart as Icarus flies too close to the sun.  I recommend wearing protective gloves and eye wear when working with steel wool because it tends to cut hands when working with it.
  This was about all we had time for this week so we will have to save next week for capturing our images for the animation.

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