Project 4 Reflection

  Being this was the final project for the class, I wanted to do something I would have fun with.  My film was inspired off of what we did in project 3, the Digital Workshop.  I know I didn't want to do something with a green screen but instead take an existing space (in this case my bathroom) and create a little adventure.  I went to Target and picked up some rather generic action figures who had many joints.  This allowed me to get more movement out of my figures than I would have if I had used less movable figures.  
  The concept is a race throughout my bathroom to get to a finish line that is revealed at the end.  There's a little surprise waiting for our characters at the end that I hope the viewer doesn't see coming.
  I'm happy with how my film turned out, even though the animation isn't as fluidic as I had hoped.  The bad aspects do not outweigh the good but I think my back may disagree.  I also learned that for the two scenes I had help with, a second person pressing the capture button on the camera makes a huge difference.  What would take ten minutes of frustration turns into one minute of ease once you add a third hand.
  I enjoyed making the film and if I had much more time, I know I would take the time to make something to knock your socks off, but for now I'll just get them past the heel.

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