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Photoshop Animation Video

  Here is the video of my photoshop animation.

Photoshop Animation

   As stated before, our first project was our way of getting our hands dirty in the realm of animation.  We were free to experiment with two different methods of basic animation.
  The first was a way of taking an image and then proceeding to layer on top of it some sort of change.  This could be done with the paintbrush tool or whatever, as long as a new layer is made for each alteration.  The illusion of motion here comes from whatever growth is made when you proceed to animate the layers.
  The second process we explored involved using two (or more) images.  The first is the background which we were asked to make from collage.  The source images of our collage came from an image bank we constructed as a class by providing images for five different categories: animal, landscape, face, mechanical, and texture.  Here I've posted my contribution to the texture category.
Thumbnail image for Texture_Huso.jpg
  After we all contributed our images to the bank, we were then asked to collage them in interesting ways.  We were to create a creature as well as the environment that creature would live in.  I wanted to create a martian-like world to explore and for my creature I wanted something that could leap around great heights to cover a lot of ground quickly.  Here are images of each separately.
                                                  Here is the landscape...
Collage Landscape.jpg
                                         And the creature that inhabits it...
Collage Creature.jpg
  After creating the creature and its landscape in two different layers, we then were to animate them, which I will show the fruits of in my next entry.

Project 1

  We worked on making an animation video of our own.  I've known how basic animation works for as long as I can remember.  Even though I've grasped that animation often consists of many still images put together to create the illusion of movement, I've never actually tried it myself.  I suppose I always found the task too daunting to take on.
  What we did was take photoshop images with several layers, and capture each frame chronologically, altering each one a little as it went.  I'm intrigued as how simple the actual process it and considering the idea of pursuing it on my own.  I'll be posting a copy of my video at a later date.

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