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Project 4 Reflection

  Being this was the final project for the class, I wanted to do something I would have fun with.  My film was inspired off of what we did in project 3, the Digital Workshop.  I know I didn't want to do something with a green screen but instead take an existing space (in this case my bathroom) and create a little adventure.  I went to Target and picked up some rather generic action figures who had many joints.  This allowed me to get more movement out of my figures than I would have if I had used less movable figures.  
  The concept is a race throughout my bathroom to get to a finish line that is revealed at the end.  There's a little surprise waiting for our characters at the end that I hope the viewer doesn't see coming.
  I'm happy with how my film turned out, even though the animation isn't as fluidic as I had hoped.  The bad aspects do not outweigh the good but I think my back may disagree.  I also learned that for the two scenes I had help with, a second person pressing the capture button on the camera makes a huge difference.  What would take ten minutes of frustration turns into one minute of ease once you add a third hand.
  I enjoyed making the film and if I had much more time, I know I would take the time to make something to knock your socks off, but for now I'll just get them past the heel.

Project 2 Reflection

  Looking back on our storyboard project, I'd have to say it was a good learning experience.  This was our first assignment that involved the class to participate with it and some things worked while others did not.  First off, I learned it's important to tell the entire class what they need to know while they're grouped up together.  Otherwise, it seems we were yelling to get messages out and even then things were lost in translation and this was with college students.  It would also be important to use materials that will be visible from a distance like markers rather than pencils where pressure and thickness dictate much of the readability.
  Other than those two things, I think this was a positive experience.  I would tweak it a bit but I could definitely see this become a viable project for a class.

Digital Arts Workshop Parents Day

  First off, here is our finished video!

  This process was a lot of fun.  While we would do some things differently to make the project less busy work, it worked really well and we're pleased with the results.  We were able to create an original piece of work while working hand in hand with students.  I would definitely jump at this chance again.  Very positive experience.

Project 1 Reflection

  This first experience with animation was a positive one.  My misconception about animation before had a lot to do with thinking that each frame needed to be individually created by hand.  Of course this isn't the case but I grew up watching Disney and my exposure to animation came in the form of individual cell shading and the tedious, time consuming work that it is.  Of course, it doesn't have to be that way.
  Here I was worried about the time I would need to invest into animation and I learn that after the imagery is created, the rest is fundamentally left up to a few key commands in combination with a few more cursor clicks.
  This project was only easy in terms of ease of use.  Collage is usually a process that requires some imaginative thinking, especially in the creation of something conceptual such is this case.
  In looking back on this project I feel I've gained an understanding of animation on a basic level.  I feel comfortable enough to teach the process to others and hopefully will have little difficulty in recalling the information for use in future animation projects.

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