Dayton on Source of Funding for Vikings Stadium: "Wherever Revenue Crunches Numbers"

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The furor over a new Vikings stadium was once again the topic of choice for Minnesota's Governor Mark Dayton when he spoke with WCCO last Sunday, this time with debate centered on the possibility of using money generated by electronic pull tabs to help fund the stadium if it were to be built.

According to CBS Minnesota, Dayton told WCCO that he would be open to the proposal to fund the stadium with profits from electronic pull tabs, amounting to approximately $400 million.

In a recording of the original interview posted to CBS Minnesota's website, Dayton spoke with WCCO's Chad Hartman after meeting with MN house speaker Kurt Zellers and majority leader Amy Koch, saying that the source of funding would be "Wherever revenue crunches numbers."

Hartman asked Dayton if he believed it was possible for the bill to pass, OK'ing a new stadium but with no mention of using money from electronic pull tabs. Dayton's response was that he was uncertain, but reassured Minnesotans that "There will be no general fund tax revenues used in the financing of paying off of the bonds."

MPR's Tim Nelson noted that the funding issue has been the greatest area of contention and is much of the reason for why the debate over the stadium has continued since the beginning of Dayton's tenure 15 months ago.

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