Pinterest under pressure to block "Thinspiration"

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Online photo-collage website Pinterest sent out a notice to its users that it, too, will start policing its site for "thinspiration" boards, taking a lead from which banned pro-anorexia pages last month.'s
Hilary George-Parkin wrote that the controversy lies in the issue of free speech measured against a sense of responsibility for preventing online violence, including messages that may provoke emotional or mental harm.

Rebecca Greefield, writing for The Atlantic Wire, reported on the influx of thinspiration and pro-ana boards on Pinterest after many of these sites were closed down by Tumblr, increasing the pressure on Pinterest to do something about the issue.

In addition, Tumblr, Pinterest, and others may begin setting up messages or ads directing users to hotlines and help centers alongside results for certain related keyword searches, Stylelite reported.

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