Right to Work Legislation Draws Conservative Opposition

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Jenny Lundgren, a special education teacher at Skyview Middle School in Oakdale and member of the teachers' union Education Minnesota, presented her views on the proposed "Right to Work" legislation before the Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee at the state capitol Monday.

She commented in a video uploaded to the Oakdale Patch's website that Republicans ought to oppose the legislation, which would allow for non-union employees to reap the benefits from union bargaining even as they pay no union dues.

Writing for the Pioneer Press, Megan Boldt, reported Lundgren asking the crowd, "Is it fair that I pay for these benefits and services, while others get a free ride? As a Republican, as an educator, as a parent 'right to work' doesn't fit my values and I don't believe it fits yours."

The bill seemed well-intentioned as an attempt to speak to conservatives' often negative views on unions, though as Lundgren pointed out, it would be most in line with conservative principles to oppose the legislation on the grounds that it would offer the equivalent of free rides to non-union employees.

Patty Busse, writing for the Oakdale Patch on the matter, reported that about 1,500 people showed up to protest the bill, which the committee eventually ended up passing 7-6.

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