Tyggestad to Replace Eden Prairie Schools Superintendent

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Kim McGuire, writing for the Star Tribune, reported that Friday morning the superintendent of six years for Little Falls School District will replace Eden Prairie's superintendent, Melissa Krull; Krull had taken a lot of flak over her redistricting proposals last year.

Curt Tryggestad, she wrote, was chosen with unanimous support by the Eden Prairie School Board, and he has a long history of similar work, serving as superintendent for Esko Schools and principal at Pine City Schools prior to his stint at Little Falls.

According to an article posted by the Brainerd Dispatch, Early last year, Tryggestad won acclaim from Little Falls students and parents when he introduced ipads to the curriculum as an experimental move geared towards improving education in a technology-oriented world.

Reported Matt Richtel of The New York Times, Tryggestad was also one of a select few Minnesota teachers to visit Apple's headquarters in a couple of times over the last few years,. Richtel wrote that in addition to the experience the teachers received, these trips were beneficial to Apple as well when the Little Falls district extended its technology experiment by introducing iPads to 1,700 of its 2,500 students.

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